Sooyoung x Dazed Korea || My Own World

A cutie in sportswear and winter coats! Choi Sooyoung is a Korean singer and actress, most well known for being a member of Girl’s Generation ♥ Sooyoung has been recently confirmed to star in crime drama “Say What You Saw” alongside Jang Hyuk (♥.♥) and I’m so excited for next year! For more information and…… Continue reading Sooyoung x Dazed Korea || My Own World

Sooyoung x Grazia Korea || The Golden Hour

Sooyoung is a literal goddess!! ♥ Sooyoung is a member of Girl’s Generation, actress and solo singer. For more pictures and information check out Grazia Korea~ People who wear all white are incredibly brave haha 😂 This white oversized denim jacket come from InstantFunk (£218.25 (325,000 won)) while the wide trousers are Lexx Finger Marche. The…… Continue reading Sooyoung x Grazia Korea || The Golden Hour

Songs That Got Me Into Kpop || TOP 5 🎵

Getting into kpop is easy, getting out of it is a lot harder. And who wants that anyway? haha 😂 I’m a lot more of a casual listener when it comes to music nowadays, and I’m never really up to date with charts, even in England haha However, I want to get back into finding…… Continue reading Songs That Got Me Into Kpop || TOP 5 🎵

Taeyeon x Nylon || 02.03.2019

  My life is a beauty ♫ Taeyeon is Girl’s Generation Leader and Soloist in her own right. Taeyeon is beautiful and so is this editorial. For the interview and more pictures, click here. I really like the colour palette of this shoot, however, Taeyeon looks so pale and whitewashed… I know this isn’t new,…… Continue reading Taeyeon x Nylon || 02.03.2019

Kiss, Marry, Befriend || SMent Ver.

Sment idols are so iconic in the world of kpop, so I thought I’d do a fun little game~ There are a few things I’d like to explain before we begin! I googled sment idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because…… Continue reading Kiss, Marry, Befriend || SMent Ver.