Ruby Ruby Love (2017) || Mini Drama Review ♥

It’s seobaby time! ♥ It’s time for a Seohyun acting role that is part of my Idol Actor challenge. The maknae is my favourite member of SNSD, but I will try and not be biased haha 😂 Ruby Ruby Love is a 5 episode web drama on Naver TV and a short film (around 58mins)…… Continue reading Ruby Ruby Love (2017) || Mini Drama Review ♥

Hello, Schoolgirl (2008) Review

The first of my idol actor reviews! Sooyoung is part of the secondary cast, as she plays the main character’s best friend~ Hello, Schoolgirl (2008) is a romantic comedy based on the Web Comic “Love Story” by Kang Pool. It runs for just under 2hrs and was distributed by CJ Entertainment. Kwon Yeon Woo (Yoo Ji…… Continue reading Hello, Schoolgirl (2008) Review

Idol Actors: SNSD/Girl’s Generation ♥

This is long and pretty much an info dump for my future reference lol sorry 😂 I want to watch more dramas, as I think I can count how many I’ve watched on one hand this year ^^” However, I thought it would be fun to combine my love of Kpop and Dramas, with Idol…… Continue reading Idol Actors: SNSD/Girl’s Generation ♥

Sooyoung x Dazed Korea || My Own World

A cutie in sportswear and winter coats! Choi Sooyoung is a Korean singer and actress, most well known for being a member of Girl’s Generation ♥ Sooyoung has been recently confirmed to star in crime drama “Say What You Saw” alongside Jang Hyuk (♥.♥) and I’m so excited for next year! For more information and…… Continue reading Sooyoung x Dazed Korea || My Own World

Sooyoung x Grazia Korea || The Golden Hour

Sooyoung is a literal goddess!! ♥ Sooyoung is a member of Girl’s Generation, actress and solo singer. For more pictures and information check out Grazia Korea~ People who wear all white are incredibly brave haha 😂 This white oversized denim jacket come from InstantFunk (£218.25 (325,000 won)) while the wide trousers are Lexx Finger Marche. The…… Continue reading Sooyoung x Grazia Korea || The Golden Hour