Kiss, Marry, Befriend || YGent Ver.

No one asked for this, but this is fun! ♥ As I said in my last post (SMent ver.) there is something I need to explain: I googled YGent idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because I can’t make a judgment…… Continue reading Kiss, Marry, Befriend || YGent Ver.

2. Taeyang “Wedding Dress” MV/Song Review~

This is very late, I’m sorry, but here is no. 2 on Soompi’s List.  I will say I don’t quite agree that this should have been so high up on this kind of list… Story: Throughout this whole video I was just thinking: ‘This seems like a straight version of K.Will’s Please Don’t… video’. Person A is in…… Continue reading 2. Taeyang “Wedding Dress” MV/Song Review~

4. Big Bang “Haru Haru” MV/Song Review!

It’s Wednesday and I will say I definitely put this off! My essay came first and then I was feeling pretty good about the the day and everything, so listening and watching to Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’ (which came 4th on Soompi’s list) was not something I wanted to do haha ^^” But here it…… Continue reading 4. Big Bang “Haru Haru” MV/Song Review!