Which G-Dragon Song Is My Life Soundtrack || SOOMPI QUIZ

I’m all by myself, but it’s all good

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Big Bang are one of the groups I followed for quite while. I enjoy their music and the persona’s they show (OT4~).

I’ve been listening to them less and less for obvious reasons, but I own most of GD’s solo albums and still enjoy listening to his music. I think that GD is cool and incredibly talented – which translates so powerfully into his music.

I thought this quiz from May of this year on Soompi would be fun to do and share.

You can take the quiz here! Let me know what song you get in the comments ♥

Question 1

If you were a famous star, would you want your relationship to be out in the open?

This is a really hard one. I would want to be public, because you shouldn’t have to hide if you’re in a relationship. But, then I thought about this in the context of the Kpop world, so I went with It depends on the situation.

I love that it’s becoming more of a safer space for idol’s to confirm and showcase their relationships to the world and their fans. But, Kpop fans can be wild and oblivious to the realms of reality when it comes to their idol’s and biases. I understand that there is a marketing strategy involved in Kpop to make idol’s seem like their existence is for the fans – but this has changed dramatically and more idol’s are speaking out saying that they shouldn’t be the centre of your universe.

They are real people, let them live.

Question 2

Which G-Dragon is your favourite?

While a lot of these are iconic. Ultimately, my choice was between “cute” and “confused”. I wish confident/savage GD was on the list. In the end I chose Cute GD as I truly do like watching him act cute and then getting embarrassed, which is equally, if not more cute!

Question 3

Which of these gifts would you most love to receive?

While I do love cake, I went with Handwritten letter. I would love to have a pen pal or to, 1. be in a relationship, and 2. write love letter’s to each other.

My dad still has letter’s that my mum wrote him when he was stationed abroad in the army. And I just love that!

Question 4

Which clothing item would you choose as your fashion statement?

I would like to be a jewellery person, but it’s way more likely that I would use a bag to be my fashion statement. Don’t really know how that would work, but that’s my answer!

I would love to be more experimental with my fashion, but I have a lot of self-confidence issues. This is exacerbated by my thoughts on my own body and fear of judgment. In 2022, I’m really going to try to push through and change my mindset.

Question 5

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money?

This will probably come off as selfish and a cop out excuse, but I chose Save and invest.

I help my family when I can and I donate to charity when I can, but having such a steady income and saving allows you to do more. In my brain a million dollars (although can I have it in GBP?) is an extraordinary amount of money. An amount I will never have, or even be able to comprehend, but if I save and invest, not only can I give myself and family a better life, but I can uplift so many other people and animals, and the world in general.

Because you don’t just invest in businesses, but people and causes too.

Question 6

Which of these Korean foods/snacks would you fancy right now?

This screenshot is so funny to me 😂

I would love to have some Ramyeon, especially as it’s cold and depressing in the UK right now. But, I chose Tteokbokki as I have never had it and I really want to. I don’t know if I would find it too spicy (I’m the stereotypical white person who can’t handle spice), but I see it on variety and in Kdrama’s and it looks so tasty!

Question 7

If you were showing up to a high profile event, what would you want to show up in?

I think Luxury car is a solid choice. I’ve never been in any of these, but I think a car would be the safest way to get to the event, but also the easiest to get out of.

And when they say luxury car, I’m thinking of a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. Sports cars are so low to the ground and I don’t think they look that nice…

Question 8

Which G-Dragon hair colour is your favourite?

G-Dragon started the trend of bright hair colours and changing it before a comeback.

He has tried so many different colours and while I love blond GD, and orange Made era was a look. I think that black hair suits most (if not all) idol’s the best and GD is no different. That at that bottom right photo! Stunning! ♥


This song is a great title track and singing along to Heartbreaker – especially the chorus – is so fun. GD has one of those voices that is so distinct, and it can be fun to imitate him (Hanbin is another I love singing along to for this reason as well!).

However, I wouldn’t say it was my life soundtrack, or would want it to be… isn’t Heartbreaker about a relationship going bad and despite it causing so much pain, he still wants to be there for the other person and be with them? Yeah there is a confidence to the delivery and opening, but that’s not the main takeaway for me. Have I interpreted this song wrong? 😅

Even though I’m not overly sold on the outcome, I think this was a fun little activity to do.

What song did you get? Do you think it matches your life or attitude? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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