Kiss, Marry, Befriend || YGent Ver.

No one asked for this, but this is fun! ♥

As I said in my last post (SMent ver.) there is something I need to explain:

  1. I googled YGent idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because I can’t make a judgment if I’m not familiar with their image~ (Also, I chose to replace cliff/kill with befriend because these are real people and I wanted this to be a positive and fun tag ♥)
  2. Oh and some of these artists may not be specifically YG artists, but signed to a subsidiary (I think that’s the right word) label.

I hope you enjoy this post!

Round 1

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Rose is super lovely, I’m going to have to kiss her, but I really want to be friends!… but I want to be besties with my baby Lee Hi is too! She is so cool, but dorky at the same time and I would love to spend time with her. I would be that unni that would do anything for her and that includes going to YG’s office every day and asking when her new album is being released haha

So, I’m marrying TOP and I’ll go to all the art galleries he wants! I’ll also kick him in the butt if he does anything stupid, but then I’ll comfort him when the public overattack him.

Round 2

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Oooh this one is hard! I want to be friends with them all!!

Okay… I’ll marry Jisoo! She is hilarious and I think our personalities would match well.

Ooh, I’ll kiss Seungyoon because *swoon* and befriend Suhyun!

Round 3

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I’m marrying Jiyong!! G-Dragon is my main bias within YG! ♥ He may make questionable choices, and his fashion recently has been… well its been something haha

Daesung is one of my babies and I love him so much! I just want to hug him every time I see him! Therefore I’m befriending him and I’m going to do the Scrubs sneak hug all the time haha ^^”

And then I’ll kiss Bobby~

Round 4

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I know I’ve chosen to marry two members of Big Bang, but Seungri! He’s my second bias and I love him so much! I’m so looking forward to the new netflix show! He is living his best life and I want to marry him too haha

Sandara is so cute and I would love to hang out with her and go on fun holidays with her.

And I mean who wouldn’t want to kiss Junhoe? Like, he’s beautiful! And his voice is 💯💯💯

Round 5

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Being married to Tukutz would be wonderful! And I’m basing this on his own marriage, because he is adorable and incredibly sentimental! Also he is so cute with his children~

I’m kissing Jinhwan, mainly because I really respect BI, as a leader and an artist. I also think he is super cute and I think he would be a great friend.

Round 6

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Even though I don’t think I would be able to keep up with Seunghoon, because he is so energetic, but he is so cute! ♥ I’ve seen him grow so much through Kpopstar and WIN: who is next (which still makes me emotional!) and he’s my bias in Winner.

Oh no… I don’t want to kiss Psy… but I really want to be friends with Tablo! That man is such an inspiration. He seems down to earth, despite being incredibly smart. Plus he’s a dork! I’m going to have to kiss Psy… haha

Round 7

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Lee Chanhyuk is hilarious and sassy! I would love to be friends with him! But then again I’m think I’m cool enough to marry any of these three human beings… 😭 But then again I’m not cool enough to marry any of these people and I chose G-Dragon with hesitation haha ^^”

I’m going to marry Zion T. I think his more “chill” personality would work well with my dumb and anxious self haha. And then I’m going to kiss the beautiful CL!

Do you agree with me? Disagree?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a great day~


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