Winner x Elle Korea || 08.01.19

Winner recently had a comeback with ‘Millions’. My only qualm is the dreaded mullet that won’t die already! Winner are now a four member group signed with YGent. Photographer: ๊น€ํฌ์ค€ (Kim HeeJoon) Stylist: ์ด์ง€์€ (Lee Jieun) Source: Elle Korea Mino (left) is wearing all Balenciaga. I couldn’t find the specific jacket but similar ones range…… Continue reading Winner x Elle Korea || 08.01.19

Kiss, Marry, Befriend || YGent Ver.

No one asked for this, but this is fun! โ™ฅ As I said in my last post (SMent ver.) there is something I need to explain: I googled YGent idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because I can’t make a judgment…… Continue reading Kiss, Marry, Befriend || YGent Ver.

Songs I’m Loving – WEEK ONE โ™ฅ

This is a new segment that I am going to be bringing to this blog! It will generally be kpop related, but I hope to bring in some Japanese music (when I find songs/artists) that I really enjoy in a certain week~ I hope you that enjoy it (oddly this was pretty fun for me…… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving – WEEK ONE โ™ฅ

WINNER – ์„ผ์น˜ํ•ด (SENTIMENTAL) MV/Song Review!

It’s Friday and it’s that time again: MV/Song Review Time! haha Today is WINNER as a whole and they did not disappoint at all! I love the WINNER sound and this video was very very creative! โ™ฅ Story: To be honest I’m not quite sure what this video is about… I kind of have…… Continue reading WINNER – ์„ผ์น˜ํ•ด (SENTIMENTAL) MV/Song Review!

WINNER – ์ข‹๋”๋ผ (Iโ€™M YOUNG) MV/Song Review!

It’s Wednesday and I’m here with WINNER! I say WINNER only because this is how it is titled on their official YT page, however, this song was sung, penned and the MV stars Nam TaeHyun, whose voice is beautiful โ™ฅ Story: I’ve seen that this song was written about how TaeHyun felt after a…… Continue reading WINNER – ์ข‹๋”๋ผ (Iโ€™M YOUNG) MV/Song Review!