Kpop Bracket Games #2


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My TBR for this month was inspired by Mamamoo song titles, so I thought I would incorporate a fun game I did in December with groups/artists that debuted in the same year: 2014.

I will be doing a bracket game for each group/artist. I chose the songs and where they would go with a random number generator, so there are more b-sides, but there is a nice mix all around I think.

Also, making the boards took so long as when I initially started playing I realised I’d forgotten a load of boxes that I needed, so apologies if they’re a bit ugly 😂

Let’s begin!


Akdong Musician are a sibling duo – Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun – signed with YG Entertainment. They won SBS’s Kpop Star 2 and officially debuted with YG on the 7th April 2014.

I enjoy listening to AKMU as Chan Hyuk’s musical talent is fantastic, and he knows what suits his and Su Hyun’s voices perfectly. Going into this I assumed that either Re-Bye or Give Love would probably win, so it was a little surprise for me when I realised I enjoyed Play Ugly a little more than Give Love.

I do enjoy AKMU’s more experimental music, and I adore a lot of their ballads. However, most of my favourites weren’t present here. And I’m happy that Re-Bye won ♥


Mamamoo are a quartet girl group – Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul + Hwasa – under RBW. They were deemed by some critics to have had the best debut in 2014. They debuted on the 18th of June are known for their strong live vocal performances.

This bracket game is mostly made up of B-sides and there are some great ones such as A Little Bit, My Star and Dab Dab (Moonbyul+Hwasa).

Despite having listened to Mamamoo for a while now, I had not really given Destiny a proper listen and thanks to this it’s become a new favourite song! ♥


Another group that is signed under YG, this group was formed on the survival reality WIN: Who is Next? aka the programme that made me never want to watch this genre ever again! My heart hurt for all involved (it also makes me so upset about the subsequent treatment of Hanbin). Now a four member group, Winner debuted officially on the 17th of August with five members – Seung Yoon, Mino, Jin Woo, Seung Hoon and Tae Hyun (former).

This was a game that I wasn’t sure of the outcome. I assumed Color Ring would win, or Island as it’s a fun bop. However, I was surprised by both Have a Good Day and ultimately Don’t Be Shy.

I will say my favourite Winner songs aren’t here, but it was nice to really listen to different songs as I tend to just stick with what I know I really like (don’t ask me how many times I’ve listened to Really Really 😅).


Taemin, maknae of boy group SHINee, officially debuted as a solo artist on the 18th of August. Taemin is known for his intense concepts, choreography and vocals that have just gotten stronger and stronger. SHINee is my favourite group and seeing Taemin flourish into an exceptional artist has been breathtaking to watch ♥

Taemin is one of my favourite singers. He’s a fantastic performer, but often his vocals aren’t praised enough! There are songs I love more in his discography, however, when I knew all the songs in the game it was pretty obvious to me that Monologue was going to win – even when it came up against Black Rose which I also love.

I adore Taemin’s ballads and Monologue is one of my favourite songs ever – Snow Flower is also super pretty ♥


I have included the blank templates that I made if you would like to use them! Do tag me if you choose to play, I would love to see your choices! ♥

What songs would have won for you? Did we match on any?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥

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