Winner x Elle Korea || 08.01.19

Winner recently had a comeback with ‘Millions’. My only qualm is the dreaded mullet that won’t die already!

Winner are now a four member group signed with YGent.

Photographer: 김희준 (Kim HeeJoon)

Stylist: 이지은 (Lee Jieun)

Source: Elle Korea

winner w1

Mino (left) is wearing all Balenciaga. I couldn’t find the specific jacket but similar ones range from £1000-£3000 (*cries in poor*). The turtleneck looks to be around £800.

SeungHoon (front) is wearing a Gucci jumper that is £760. His shirt is Baton Kwon Oh Soo (which I couldn’t find anything about online…). I couldn’t find the beret, however, it is by Ordinary People and their other hats are around £30… so?

SeungYoon (back) is wearing an oversized jacket by ChanceChance (around £130). The Hermes scarf around SeungYoon’s neck is around £340 (I get that it’s silk but still!!). 

JinWoo (right) is wearing an Emporio Armani dress shirt (which is super cute but I couldn’t find on their site but looking at the other things… wow, just wow!).

jinwoo e1Kim JinWoo is the Lead Vocalist for Winner and also fills the role of Visual (and rightly so! He is so beautiful! ♥). He is wearing a single button jacket from the Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello collection (it’s a whopping £1880!)

I couldn’t quite work out which shirt JinWoo is wearing, but it is Burberry and their white shirts range from £320-£350.

The tie and trousers are from the stylist’s collection.


seunghoon e1SeungHoon is the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper and a Vocalist in Winner. He is wearing a black jacket (I swear it’s the lighting that makes everything red!) by Songzio which is £480.

I couldn’t work out which white shirt he’s wearing (it’s legit just a white shirt!) but Burberry shirts tend to be around £220 each.

SeungHoon’s skinny denim jeans, tie and boots are from the stylists collection.


seungyoon e1

SeungYoon is the Leader and Main Vocalist of Winner. And god I hate his hairstyle ^^” He is wearing a black jacket (again it’s the lighting – trust me) from Munn (around £830).

The mohair cardigan is from Maison Margiela (but I couldn’t find it)

The striped shirt is from Gucci and costs around £440 (seriously who is paying these prices for a single shirt?!). 

SeungYoon’s tie and jeans are from the stylists collection.

mino e1


Mino is the Main Rapper and Vocalist in Winner. According to Elle the jacket is a neon coloured jacket, but I couldn’t find it. Other jackets from Versace range from £500 to over £1000…

The accessories (ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings) are all from the Stylists collection.



Check out Winner’s comeback ‘Millions’ and see if you like them~

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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