Bae Doona x Elle Korea || 05.04.2019

Louis Vuitton x Bae Doona Bae Doona always does cool looking editorials~ This outfit is one of favourite looks of this new collection. The black vest (£2,770) takes a lot of the madness out of the printed dress (£2,770) underneath. The colours in this outfit and set compliment each other so well. The LV belt…… Continue reading Bae Doona x Elle Korea || 05.04.2019

Song HyeKyo x Elle Korea || 05.03.2019

“I think using anti-aging products really helps; the sooner the better, you know?” Song HyeKyo is a Korean actress, best known for Full House (where she co starred with Rain) and for newer Kdrama peeps, Descendants of the Sun (starring opposite her now husband, Song Joonki) For the Interview and more pictures in the gallery,…… Continue reading Song HyeKyo x Elle Korea || 05.03.2019

Shin MinAh x Elle Korea || 30.01.19

Fashion, Fashion, Fashiooooon~ ♪♪ Shin Minah is a Korean actress, best known for the dramas My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang and the Magistrate. I love the puffy sleeves and the subtle yellow of the dress. Alexander McQueen is a fantastic fashion house! I don’t quite understand the belt, but the more I look…… Continue reading Shin MinAh x Elle Korea || 30.01.19

Winner x Elle Korea || 08.01.19

Winner recently had a comeback with ‘Millions’. My only qualm is the dreaded mullet that won’t die already! Winner are now a four member group signed with YGent. Photographer: 김희준 (Kim HeeJoon) Stylist: 이지은 (Lee Jieun) Source: Elle Korea Mino (left) is wearing all Balenciaga. I couldn’t find the specific jacket but similar ones range…… Continue reading Winner x Elle Korea || 08.01.19