Song HyeKyo x Elle Korea || 05.03.2019

“I think using anti-aging products really helps; the sooner the better, you know?”

Song HyeKyo is a Korean actress, best known for Full House (where she co starred with Rain) and for newer Kdrama peeps, Descendants of the Sun (starring opposite her now husband, Song Joonki) For the Interview and more pictures in the gallery, click here.

This editorial is simple and beautiful. Song HyeKyo is stunning! ♥

All the jewellery in these picture is Chaumet, whose site doesn’t have prices because apparently rich people don’t need no prices. And the new collection isn’t on the Selfridges website, so just think thousands of pounds…

song hyekyo 1

This outfit is very understated and pretty, but made sophisticated by the jewellery. That bracelet is so pretty and sparkly!

I will say the set up is a little strange. It kind of looks like HyeKyo has been kidnapped haha

So, the clothes listed on the Dior website are so sparse! There was a dress similar, but the detailing of the lace was different. That dress is £4,700, so I’m assuming this dress will be in the same price range.

song hyekyo 2

The shape of Song HyeKyo’s lips are such are pretty shape!

The hand is a bit awkward, especially with the framing of the shot, but I’m being picky.

The white shirt from Fendi costs £330.

song hyekyo 3

This is my favourite picture in this shoot! I love Song HyeKyo’s body position, it’s so relaxed, but still elegant. And I’m all here for this Dior tulle monstrosity, but I couldn’t find the price. There is a skirt that looks to be of the same material and that’s £4,700, so this dress could be more or around the same.

I like the red elements in the Chaumet pieces, although I kind of wish they had done something more vibrant, like a piercing blue or green. What do you think?

song hyekyo 8

These knot bracelets are so pretty! I feel that the ring looks too clunky, but I prefer rings to be more dainty (is that the right word? haha).

The Miu Miu dress is £1,685.

song hyekyo 5

I don’t know how to feel about this shot. This is a beautiful colour and in general and with Song HyeKyo’s skin colour, but the construction of the dress is so weird… I like the rings, they are so pretty. But, the necklace doesn’t sit right with this dress.

The dress is Givenchy and costs £6,775… and while I’ve been making this post, I’ve realised I hate this dress haha ^^”

song hyekyo 6

These hand poses are a little strange in this shoot, but this one is showing off a watch and I’ve seen worse! And I’m not really a fan of the watch… Maybe it would look nicer in real life, but I don’t like the middle (if that were gone, it would be so pretty).

The Loro Piana shirt looks so pretty and it’s made of silk and virgin wool (sooo fancy~) and it must feel so nice on the skin!! Oh, but it costs £3,035, so I’ll never know first hand haha

song hyekyo 7

This shot is so beautiful! The way the light hits Song HyeKyo’s face really emphasises her jawline. And makes the necklace sparkle really nicely~

And HyeKyo is giving me Victorian middle class lady vibes with this jewellery and this beautiful lace Alexander McQueen dress which costs £4,860. It looks lovely waist up, but the actual dress has an assymetrical skirt that I’m not meshing with. However, that doesn’t matter here and this picture remains beautiful and Victorian-esque~


Fashion Editor: Jung JangJo (정장조)
Feature Editor: Kim AhReum (김아름)
Photographer: Mok JungWook (목정욱)
Stylists: Lee YoonMi, Kim AhReum (이윤미, 김아름)
Hair: Lee HyeYeong (이혜영)
Make-Up: Jo EunJung (조은정)
Nails: Lee SeoHa (이서하)
Set: Han SongHee (한송이)
Design: Lee HyoJin (이효진)


Chaumet                               Dior                            Fendi                           Miu Miu

Givenchy                             Loro Piana                     Alexander McQueen

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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