Bae Doona x Elle Korea || 05.04.2019

Louis Vuitton x Bae Doona

Bae Doona always does cool looking editorials~

bae doona april

This outfit is one of favourite looks of this new collection. The black vest (£2,770) takes a lot of the madness out of the printed dress (£2,770) underneath. The colours in this outfit and set compliment each other so well.

The LV belt is £740, while the white leather Twist MM bag is £2,400.

bae doona april 1

I like this pose, but the shadow makes it look like a sloppy shot.

This outfit is pictures on the website. It’s in the spreads for the collection. I’ve watched the runway and seen it. But I can’t find the items for sale…

What I can find are part of the LV Janet Ankle Boots collection which are sleek and sexy, but £1,080?! As well as that the bag is the red version of the Twisted MM bag (£2,400). The hoop earrings that I can vaguely make out are £370.

bae doona april 2

This is pretty and chic in it’s simplicity. I will say the top is certainly something… and I wouldn’t pay £1,190 for it haha

The trousers are wide and high waisted (£1,280), but I don’t get the side bands that come down into a loop… are they just aesthetic? The black Dandy 30MM belt is £345. While the shoes are again the LV ankle boots.

The bag is another variation of the leather Twisted MM but in the noir/tan colour (£2,560). I’m not a fan of this colour scheme… And the jewellery is a Louise Cuff (£740) and earrings which I can’t make out. This editorial is definitely showing off the jewellery well *sarcasm*~

bae doona april 7

Doona looks like a mannequin in this shot, especially next to the modern art piece. She looks like part of the installation and I love that!

The dress (£1,280) is a cute futuristic print of canyons and salt lake city. The belt is the same LV loop belt as the first photo (£740) and the boots are the same as before.

I think that the bracelet is the gold nano-gram tennis bracelet (£460), and I can barely see the ring, let alone work out which one it is haha

bae doona april 3

Ugh! I love this pose and I love this sexy, tough expression Doona is giving! The jacket is leather lambskin – £3,350. And I couldn’t find these exact trousers, but some similar pairs were around £500-£550.

The hoop earrings are huge and can’t be comfortable, and I couldn’t find them… However, most of the hoop earring went from around £200-£300.

The bag is the indigo coloured Twist MM (£2,400) and I think this is my favourite colour of them all. It kind of looks like rain, does anyone else see it? haha

bae doona april 4

I don’t like the top, which is the same top in the third picture, but I honestly don’t care. Bae Doona looks stunning in this black and white portrait. The shadow just adds another beautiful layer to it! ♥

bae doona april 5

This is a pretty shot, but the right leg could be better positioned and this doesn’t show off the dress well… especially considering how this prism print jersey velour dress is £2,670!

These shoes are LV Janet ankle boots (£1,220) with a ruffle of the LV monogram on. And the bag is the galet (I think, but I also don’t know what this means haha) version of the Twist MM bags.

bae doona april 6

So arty~

Doona is wearing a strap knitted dress (£2,370) that has hand-sewn sequins, rhinestones and beads into the fringed edges. I don’t like the edges because it kind of looks like seaweed or algae haha ^^” The prism tshirt (£1,190) under the dress is cute and gives the outfit a kind of childish or 90’s look, especially with the patch details.

The belt that accentuates Doona’s frame looks beautiful with the knit dress is the same LV belt we have seen previously in this photoshoot.

These red Jumble Flat Ankle boots are cute and cost £1,220.


Photographer: Kim HeeJun (김희준)
Stylist: Park SeJun (박세준)
Fashion Editor: Kim MiKang (김미강)
Picture Editor: Kim YoungJae (김영재)
Hair: Son HyeJin (손혜진)
Make-Up: Lee JunSung (이준성)
Set Stylist: DaRak (다락)
Design: Jeon GeunYoung (전근영)


Louis Vuitton

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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