Kiss, Marry, Befriend || SMent Ver.

Sment idols are so iconic in the world of kpop, so I thought I’d do a fun little game~

There are a few things I’d like to explain before we begin!

  1. I googled sment idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because I can’t make a judgment if I’m not familiar with their image~ (Also, I chose to replace cliff/kill with befriend because these are real people and I wanted this to be a positive and fun tag ♥)
  2. This meant that a lot of these are from the same 5 groups haha~

Despite this, I hope you enjoy this post!

Round 1

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Okay, there is no need to chit chat with this, I’m marrying Luna straight off the bat. She is so cute, cheerful and talented (also my f(x) babies deserve so much more!).

I would kiss Kai, because *fans self* he’s beautiful!

And then I would want to be friends with Hyoyeon. I feel like she would be a great friend! She would be so fun to hang out with and I would definitely ask her how to dance (and hopefully she has the patience to put up with my hippo-ness haha ^^”).

Round 2

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Again, the marriage decision is so easy! I would marry Minho! We could watch football together and I would follow him around rapping (badly, very badly) his verses and it would be married bliss haha

I would then kiss Tiffany, mainly because I really want to be friends with Kyungsoo. I find him so cute and squishy, and I think he would actually be a really cool guy to talk to.

Round 3

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I feel like I have to choose to marry the giant dummy that is Yunho haha I feel like being married to him would be so fun and never boring haha!

I would kiss Suho, because there would never be a time that I don’t want to be friends with Key! Kim Kibum is so precious and such a sass queen and I love him!

Round 4

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This is hard… I think I would want Amber to be my friend. She is so cool, down to earth and honestly just so inspiring. But who would I want to marry?

To be honest I don’t know if I could keep up with Chanyeol! That boy has so much energy! I think I’ll kiss him and then marry Kyuhyun.

Fun fact: Kyuhyun was my first bias of Super Junior (sorry Kyu, but it’s changed now haha :p).

Round 5

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Talking of changing bias in Super Junior! Heechul is now my fave (and you guys are lucky that his picture wasn’t just the Anna one… I was so tempted haha). However, I would want to be his friend. I feel like hanging out with Heechul would be so fun. I think the conversations would be also be so insightful and meaningful.

I would marry Leeteuk. This man has been through so much and I get the feeling that he has taken the brunt (or if not all) of the blame in some “scandals”. He seems to be so kind and so concerned and invested in the lives of his members and other idols. I think he would make a wonderful husband ♥

Oh, which means I would kiss the dancing queen herself, BoA.

Round 6

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Henry, Henry, Henry… He’s so musically gifted and I have the musical talent of a potato… none. I have none. Not to mention he’s like Chanyeol and seems like a handful haha I think he’d be a cool friend to have though.

Ooh, I’m not sure who I would marry. Sunny is so sassy and a fun little firecracker, but I feel like my personality would be better suited with Yoona‘s image. I mean she’s beautiful and graceful and I’m, well, I’m a potato, but we could make it work. We could be dorky together, right? haha

So to be clear, Henry = friend, Sunny = kiss, and Yoona = marry~

Round 7

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I’m marrying Taeyeon! The beautiful, cute, funny leader will from this point be my wife~ We can be dorky ahjummas together haha

I would kiss Sehun, because even though Taemin is a beautiful specimen of man *drools* I can’t get the bowl cut maknae out of my head. I’ve followed SHINee for years now and even though he’s older than me, I feel protective of him (which is dumb because I’ve never met the man haha~ ah the life of a fan ^^”)

Round 8

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Right off the bat, I’m marrying Krystal. People who first encounter f(x) see Krystal as someone who is cold and proud. However, she is such a cutie ♥ (I would also like to point out, again, that f(x) deserve way better. We talk about YG having a basement, well, so SM!) 

I would then kiss Seulgi and be friends with Irene. She’s incredibly thoughtful of her members, and is super cute and playful. I think she would fun to be friends with and  I can keep all the gross men away from her (and save them the glares haha :p).

So, of course this is just a fun little game, and I hope you liked it ♥ Would you have chosen differently? Let me know! And I tag you if you want to do this too!

If you want to suggest idols or actors/actresses for me to play this game with, then comment down below~

I’m planning on doing a YG version next~

Thanks for reading~! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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