Onew โ™ฅ || Voice Photos + Lyrics || Top 5

All the photos were taken by me, so sorry if they suck… Voice is Onew’s first mini album which came out last year before he went into the army. And can I just say right now, he is serving us looks in his uniform and on stage and I’m more updated on my beautiful angel…… Continue reading Onew โ™ฅ || Voice Photos + Lyrics || Top 5

Kiss, Marry, Befriend || SMent Ver.

Sment idols are so iconic in the world of kpop, so I thought I’d do a fun little game~ There are a few things I’d like to explain before we begin! I googled sment idols and I went through the randomised list, taking out the names of idols that I know. I did this because…… Continue reading Kiss, Marry, Befriend || SMent Ver.

4 Walls – F(x) MV/Song Review~

I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I was kind of disappointed by this song. I was expecting something more I suppose, especially because I loved the past two comebacks so much. I do think this type of song works well with all of their voices and their concept, but I just wanted more.…… Continue reading 4 Walls – F(x) MV/Song Review~

Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” MV/Song Review~

Red Velvet have come back with a cute, quirky and pretty stylish look and mv. This is more reminiscent of Happiness, in my opinion and I have to say, I pretty much love it! I need to start listening to their music and not just the title tracks. They are certainly improving in my books…… Continue reading Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” MV/Song Review~