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July 2021

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The “Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag” is super popular on BookTube and book blogs, and I’ve even done it once before on here in 2019. It’s a tag that was created by Youtubers Chami and Ely. This year I’ve decided to switch it up and transform the topic of books into dramas.

2021 is going by too quickly and I’ve not watched as many dramas as I should have, but this is a little check in with some of my feelings about the ones I’ve seen so far.

best drama you’ve watched so far in 2021

One Spring Night (2019)

This drama was beautiful and comforting. There was a wonderful female presence that makes the relationships and plot warm and fleshed out. The romance was cute and while our main leads made mistakes, they made sense considering their personalities. A lot of thought went into the plot and production of this drama and it’s definitely a new favourite ♥

You can check out my review of this drama here~

best sequel you’ve watched so far in 2021

I don’t really like how Korean dramas are pumping out second series at the moment (I blame Netflix). So far, I haven’t watched any sequels this year, but I definitely have plans to watch Investigation Couple/Partners For Justice S2, as well as a couple of series of God’s Quiz. Crime/Procedural drama are basically the only ones I really want sequels to. Romance dramas need to be compact otherwise they’ll just get convoluted – I don’t need a whole series made up of episodes 14 & 15…

new release in 2021 you haven’t watched but want to

On twitter I have been bombarded with information and thoughts on Beyond Evil. It’s a crime drama and from the clips, gifs and fan interaction I’m so intrigued and excited to give it a go! Also Yeo Jin Goo ♥.♥

Other ones I’m interested in are Sell Your Haunted House starring Jang Nara and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and the currently airing drama Monthly Home starring Jung So Min and Kim Ji Seok~

side note: did the same person do the posters for Sell Your Haunted House and Abyss?! They look so similar!

most anticipated release for the second half of 2021

I don’t tend to follow release news (for books, films and dramas), so I have no idea what is coming out 😅

I looked at a Soompi article (it’s only tvN dramas) but “The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi” looks promising. I love Sagueks and ones that don’t break my heart into teeny tiny pieces in some way or another are few and far between but this sound fun!

biggest disappointment

Abyss (2019)

I should have looked into reviews and then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed. This had so much potential – the lead actress is Park Bo Young! But the plot was ridiculous, repetitive and made no sense. Not even Ahn Hyo Seop’s stunning face or the chemistry between our leads could save this one.

You can check out my review for this drama here~

biggest surprise

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (2021)

This is one of the new Korean bl’s and I wasn’t really expecting much, but knew it would be relatively good considering the ones that have come before it. I was surprised at the use of time in this drama (the episodes are only 11mins long) as we really got a sense of our main characters and their growing relationship. The plot is pretty ridiculous, but it was sweet and funny. And we love happy endings here ♥

favourite new screenwriter

I don’t know if this bad, but I tend not to know who the writers are or what else they’ve written…

I, of course, loved One Spring Night, so I’m excited to check out more of Kim Eun Sang’s works – I believe her only other drama is Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. I’m currently watching Extraordinary You and the writing by In Ji Hye and Song Ha Young is fantastic so far and I’d be interested to see what else they’ve done.

newest fictional crush

Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) from One Spring Night is so soft and caring. He’s adorable, thoughtful and he always stood up for what he wanted. I loved that he never felt ashamed of being a single father in a society that looked down on him and he always tried his best for his son ♥

newest favourite character

Seong Cheol (Yoon Kyun Sang) from Clean With Passion For Now was a mess, but he was such a sweet and caring man. He was an idiot, but also smart and he deserved so much more! I’m still mad about how this drama treated him.

This one might not count as I haven’t finished Extraordinary You yet, but Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) deserves the world. I love this extra, determined and hilarious teenage girl!

a drama that made you cry

Most dramas make me cry. I’m way too emotional! At points where I was hating Abyss and Clean With Passion For Now I was still crying 😂 One Spring Night also made me sob – Lee Seo In’s (Im Sung Eon) storyline was heartbreaking.

a drama that made you happy

Several of the short bl’s have had very cute couples, i.e. Colour Rush, To My Star and Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding. And cute couple moments always make me happy!

One Spring Night made me happy, as every episode felt comforting despite having some sadder and hard hitting moments/topics. And the Japanese drama Shanai Marriage Honey was mostly fluff and easy watching ♥

the most beautiful poster of a drama you’ve watched in 2021

I haven’t watched many dramas so far this year, but I think that the posters for Clean With Passion For Now, Colour Rush and Abyss are cute. The colour palette and framing of the leads in each poster makes them aesthetically pleasing.

what drama’s do you need to watch by the end of the year

I’m saying that I don’t need to watch anything but that I would like to get to a lot of dramas by the end of 2021, but this year is going by so quickly and I’m struggling to finish anything – despite loving certain things I’m currently halfway through i.e. Extraordinary You, Good Doctor and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (to name a few, because I’ve started so many 😅).

I made a full post of the dramas I would like to watch this year and you can check that out here~

How has the first half of 2021 gone so far for you? Watched some great dramas? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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