Ruby Ruby Love (2017) || Mini Drama Review â™¥

It’s seobaby time! ♥

It’s time for a Seohyun acting role that is part of my Idol Actor challenge. The maknae is my favourite member of SNSD, but I will try and not be biased haha 😂

Ruby Ruby Love is a 5 episode web drama on Naver TV and a short film (around 58mins) on OnStyle.

seohyun RRL awardLee Ruby (Seohyun) is a jewellery designer with agoraphobia. We meet her in the midst of winning a competition which will allow Ruby to start her own brand and image. Due to her agoraphobia this is a daunting venture, especially as her crush – Na Ji Suk (Lee Yi Kyung) a man she sees from her window everyday – is the one helping her manage her collection. 

However, with the help of an enchanted ring Ruby is allotted 3x 3hrs of confidence every time she puts the ring on. Thankfully, Ruby has her childhood friend Won Suk (Lee Chul Woo) at her side to get her out of uncomfortable situations and cheering her on, as well as her boss (and family friend) Dan Ho Bak (Hwang Seok Jung).

This was a short, cute and quirky drama that focuses on agoraphobia/anxiety/confidence but in a simple way. This is easy watching, and full of cute and bubbly editing. It was also cool to see some elements that go into making jewellery commercially. Due to it being on OnStyle, I get the strong impression that it’s for a younger teen audience. It shows teens that you can follow your dreams, to cherish yourself and those around you. Although the use of “love” almost being used as a fix of her anxiety was a little tiresome… cute but tiresome haha ^^”

Of course there was some “drama” with Yoo Bi Joo (Z Hera) being a constant thorn in Ruby’s side. She is mean, takes her design and always wants to take Ruby’s credit. It was totally unnecessary for such a short drama. And of course we have a love story (2nd male lead included haha). It was generic, but cute and left me with a smile.

Overall, this was pretty cute, but wasn’t anything that will stay with me. The acting, especially Seohyun’s was cutesy and didn’t showcase any of her skills. If you have a spare hour and want to watch something super easy and quick, check this out~


  • Plot: 4/10
  • Acting: 6/10
  • Production: 6/10
  • Enjoyment: 5/10
  • Overall Rating: 5.25/10

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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