Seohyun x Nylon Korea ♥

I Want To Do Better || 18.12.2020 Seohyun is the maknae of Girl’s Generation and actress. She recently starred in the JTBC Film Hello Dracula which aired in February. For more information and original photo’s check out Nylon Media Korea~ 골든 슬리브리스 드레스는 엠미쏘니, 파이톤 패턴의 롱부츠는 라비스타. Seohyun’s body shape is really nice in this shot,…… Continue reading Seohyun x Nylon Korea ♥

So, I Married My Anti-Fan || Film Review

“So, I Married An Anti-Fan” is part of my Idol Actor challenge in that Seohyun (Girl’s Generation) stars in it. This film is a Chinese film based on the same titled story by JiWan. Joo Hoon (EXO’s Chanyeol) is an idol which of course means that his private life is not his own business. He is a…… Continue reading So, I Married My Anti-Fan || Film Review

Ruby Ruby Love (2017) || Mini Drama Review ♥

It’s seobaby time! ♥ It’s time for a Seohyun acting role that is part of my Idol Actor challenge. The maknae is my favourite member of SNSD, but I will try and not be biased haha 😂 Ruby Ruby Love is a 5 episode web drama on Naver TV and a short film (around 58mins)…… Continue reading Ruby Ruby Love (2017) || Mini Drama Review ♥

Idol Actors: SNSD/Girl’s Generation ♥

This is long and pretty much an info dump for my future reference lol sorry 😂 I want to watch more dramas, as I think I can count how many I’ve watched on one hand this year ^^” However, I thought it would be fun to combine my love of Kpop and Dramas, with Idol…… Continue reading Idol Actors: SNSD/Girl’s Generation ♥

Bad Thief, Good Thief || Ep 1 First Thoughts 🤔

I am so here for this, even though it’s 50 episodes long. ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’ (2017) starts of with bang in this episode. PanSoo (Ahn KilKang) has returned home after a long absence and he’s intent on keeping the promise made to his son, MinJae, to stop stealing. PanSoo finds it difficult to find…… Continue reading Bad Thief, Good Thief || Ep 1 First Thoughts 🤔