Prince’s Prince (Episode 6) Recap~

There was still a quirkiness to the episode, however, the ending was the complete opposite to what we’ve seen so far. There was an intensity and desperation that had more impact because of how odd and fast paced the episodes have previously been.

It looks like this little webdrama is taking a turn into darker, more serious territory. I wonder how that is going to go fit in, and as always I have no idea where this strange journey is headed!

But I’m definitely here until we reach the destination!~

‘Secret Flower Garden.’

Everyone is in cosplay as they gesture to two figures facing away from them. ShiHyun turns round and smiles down at YooNa, who is dressed in her school uniform. When MongRyong turns round, the pair begin to walk down the steps towards her, her uniform having been magically replaced with a hanbok.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-20-09 Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-20-32

Suddenly, the two men turn to face each other, raising their hands to touch palms and slowly look at YooNa. YooNa turns to the camera, holds her cheeks and screams.

YooNa wakes up with the dream still heavy on her mind. Suddenly, a loud banging at her bedroom door announces ShiHyun, who has something to tell her. However, she refuses to unlock the door, upset with him being gay (so she does like him?).

Her phone chimes, bringing news of a new Secret Garden episode.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-36-27Cut to ShiHyun refusing to cosplay. He is angry at MongRyong for telling YooNa about their relationship (which is pretty non-existent though… idk). MongRyong grumbles that ShiHyun was the one who confessed, but ShiHyun just yells that YooNa is young and needs time to prepare her mind (because he thinks she likes MongRyong’s character maybe?… plus he’s embarrassed I think). Just then MongRyong has an idea:

“If you do the cosplay, I’ll tell YooNa our relationship was a joke.”

ShiHyun becomes relieved, prompting MongRyong to question if he is really gay.Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-36-01 ShiHyun brushes the accusation away saying his relief is for YooNa’s sake. MongRyong and the others then eerily chant ‘do it’. They even hold him so they can change him into his costume. All the while ShiHyun is shouting his objections.

The scene is closely watched by an unidentified woman who seems to find it amusing.

The team is at an event and fans are screaming happily at their appearance on stage. YooNa watches while wondering what her brother is doing on stage as well. We find out that the reason he is tied up and dangling over the stage is because that was the only way to get him up there (hahaha).

While ShiHyun and the others are arguing, whilst incorporating it into the cosplay, ShiHyun stops squirming as he witnesses a man covering YooNa’s mouth and dragging her away (she’s literally in the middle of a crowd, how does everyone around her miss this?!). Suddenly, ShiHyun falls into the tub of water underneath him.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-48-09This is definitely not according to plan as he is laid on the stage as MongRyong quickly begins CPR. MongRyong moves to perform mouth-to-mouth CPR, but is puches away by a now conscious ShiHyun. He sits up and immediately calls out for YooNa.

ShiHyun storms off the stage, muttering for his phone, which a rather hurt looking Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-49-17MongRyong gets for him. A message has been sent to him of and unconscious YooNa. An incoming call from HyangDan tells him that they have found her, but that the situation doesn’t look good.

We then see a woman holding a knife out to HyangDan, screaming at her not to get closer to her and YooNa. Just then ShiHyun and MongRyong come rushing into the room, no inkling of recognition on his face when he sees her, which there should be.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-23-01-57 Screenshot_2015-07-28-23-02-42

The woman turns out to be Kim SoYeon, the daughter of the man he sent bankrupt in the first episode. SoYeon is out for revenge and sees killing YooNa as a way of doing just that. Terrified and in shock he asks what he can do. SoYeon tells him to get on his knees and beg.

MongRyong steps forward and asks the ‘lady’ her name. She manically laughs calling him an otaku. ShiHyun begins to plead again, but she screeches at him to shut up before she kills YooNa (this is actually super intense; her acting is so good!).

The episode ends with SoYeon asking:

“What are you going to do now, Park Shi Hyeon?”

Thank you for reading~


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