Prince’s Prince (Episode 2) Recap~

I don’t have words for how confused I am about the involvement of ShiHyun “being” gay… I mean is he? Was this just a way for him to get hired?

This is a very strange little webdrama which I laugh out loud while watching, even if sometimes I have no idea what is going on or why… to be honest I may be thinking too much and need to just take it at face value haha ^^”

I like the quirky effects and I definitely have to keep watching, I mean where is this going?! haha

‘Trojan Horse.’

This episode opens showing us that ShiHyun and YooNa are not biological siblings and either he was adopted or married into the family (it isn’t clear).

Picture1Secretary Kang is giving ShiHyun then lowdown on who MongRyong is. ShiHyun recognises the name of the company that MongRyong is the president of, as the company was caught for corruption (I’m assuming this is why the president does door-to-door marketing himself!)

It pans to Department Head Kim on his knees before MongRyong asking for forgiveness. MongRyong easily gives it to him, asking how the man will repay him. Thinking everything is alright, the man looks calmer, however, MongRyong calls someone to claim all of Kim’s assets.

“When you challenge me, Department Head Kim, you do so when you are prepared to be murdered.”

(I don’t know if this guy is evil or just a drama queen haha!)

Back in the conference room, ShiHyun happily vows to pulverise MongRyong’s company, giving it no chance to ever recover.

Picture2ShiHyun is interviewed by several employees, most dressed in cosplay, and is overly confident of himself, even though his credentials are mostly made up (at least I assume they are…). The reason he had to ‘infiltrate’ the company was due to the clients/backers of MonRyong’s company not backing down even when bribed or threatened.

Picture3 Picture4

During the interview they ask if he has played the game ‘Secret Garden’ (which the company produced), he simply says no. Thinking he has no interest in the company, ShiHyun explains that he does and lists of information about the interviewers, apart from MongRyong who has yet to have any dirt dug up (but seriously most of these guys are perverts!!)  

Picture5 Picture6

MongRyong hires him, impressed by ShiHyun’s ability to gain information, however, he is more interested in ShiHyun. Who, suffice to say, sees this as an inevitability. He says that the reason is because he is the most perfect gay in this world (I don’t understand how this is relevant to anything or if he even is actually gay, but seeing as this is called Prince’s Prince… I don’t know…).

Picture7While doing the menial tasks/cleaning up (so this is why Secretary Kang was surprised at him applying for the job), he becomes increasingly frustrated at his talent being wasted. After making the office spotless, he is annoyed to find his next job is to put something in the bin again.

He storms into the staff room and plonks himself on the sofa.

ShiHyun orders MongRyong to give him proper tasks to do, but MongRyong calmly explains that his primary job is to do office help. Not getting the picture ShiHyun lists off jobs he should be given, MongRyong stands up and asks if he wants to do cosplay, saying that he has a character that would fit him perfectly.

Annoyed, ShiHyun grabs MongRyong’s shirt and they both tumble back onto the sofa. HyangDan walks in to give ShiHyun a job and is shocked to see the pair lying close together on the sofa. She voices that this is why the lgbt member was hired, but that they shouldn’t use the staff room to do this.

Picture8 Picture9

MongRyong quickly tells her there has been a misunderstanding, but of course ShiHyun uses this opportunity to play with his boss. ShiHyun pulls MongRyong closer and says:

“You should have told me earlier. You are my type.”

Thank you for reading~


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