Hot and Sweet (2016) || Review

Sometimes I want to watch something short and cute, and this was a wonderful surprise and I can’t stop smiling! Some spoilers are contained within ๐Ÿ™‚ I found this little drama by chance on Viki and I was pleasantly surprised! Hot and Sweet follows Minjoon (Choi Minhwan – member of FTIsland) who owns and runs…… Continue reading Hot and Sweet (2016) || Review

Songs I’m Loving – WEEK FOUR + FIVE

I haven’t really been listening to a lot of new stuff in the past two weeks, but I hope you enjoy what I have been listening to ^^ Roy Kim –ย ๋– ๋‚˜์ง€๋งˆ๋ผย (Stay) I love Roy Kim’s vocals, I also have done and I always will. There is something so unique and calming about his voice…… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving – WEEK FOUR + FIVE

Prince’s Prince (Episode 2) Recap~

I don’t have words for how confused I am about the involvement of ShiHyun “being” gay… I mean is he? Was this just a way for him to get hired? This is a very strange little webdrama which I laugh out loud while watching, even if sometimes I have no idea what is going on…… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 2) Recap~

Prince’s Prince (Episode 1) Recap~

I found another little WebDrama to delve into! My main reason of course would be because it stars Choi JongHoon, leader of FTIsland who is beautiful~ haha โ™ฅ Anyway, so the actual episode… it is very quirky and I like the way it is filmed and edited for the most part. I like the little…… Continue reading Prince’s Prince (Episode 1) Recap~