Songs I’m Loving – WEEK FOUR + FIVE

I haven’t really been listening to a lot of new stuff in the past two weeks, but I hope you enjoy what I have been listening to ^^

Roy Kim –ย ๋– ๋‚˜์ง€๋งˆ๋ผย (Stay)

I love Roy Kim’s vocals, I also have done and I always will. There is something so unique and calming about his voice that I just love!

Stay is about telling someone to leave if they don’t love you and other scenarios, but at the end expresses the true feelings of the song, that they want the person to stay.

The mv isn’t exactly the most interesting, but the toned down colour and simplicity go with the mood of the song very well. And who would argue with spending 3 minutes looking at Roy Kim? haha :p

Jung JoonYoung – Sympathy (feat. Suh YoungEun)

If you know of Roy Kim, JoonYoung is someone you will also be familiar with! Surprisingly, this odd 4D man has some astonishingly good vocals!

I’m not quite sure what this song is about, but I think it’s about forgetting and letting go of a relationship without even being aware of it happening right then and there.

I chose the live performance, because this is the one that I have been listening to. I find that JoonYoung’s vocals are better in this performance and so this is the one I wanted to share.

Hong JinYoung

Cheer Up (์‚ฐ๋‹ค๋Š” ๊ฑด)

This song is so beautiful!~ It’s about remembering to be happy and not getting caught up in what other people are feeling or doing. It expresses the idea that there is always a silver lining to any event and to have strength to carry on to tomorrow.

I hadn’t heard of Hong JinYoung before I saw this song and I’m really happy I stumbled across it! (I also checked out a few clips of her on We Got Married, as her virtual husband Nam GoongMin is in this mv, and she seems hilarious!).

Thumb Up (์—„์ง€ ์ฒ™)

I have been alternating between these two songs a lot over the past two weeks.

From what I can tell from the video and lyrics, this song is basically a song you can use to motivate yourself with JinYoung singing that she loves you and that you are doing your best!

It’s a really fun trot song, and will easily lift your mood~


So, I found out that FTIsland had released a new-ish song in Japan and I was super happy! FTIsland are one of my favourite bands โ™ฅ

From what I can tell, this song is about having a crush on someone and dealing with the feelings you have alone, because they don’t even know who you are!

The video was interestingly done and the little jumps/transitions to different members was easy on the eye and not too much.

They looked like they were having fun and it transitions outward and makes you feel good too ^^

What songs have you been loving this week?

Thank you for reading~


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