Hot and Sweet (2016) || Review

Sometimes I want to watch something short and cute, and this was a wonderful surprise and I can’t stop smiling! Some spoilers are contained within 🙂

I found this little drama by chance on Viki and I was pleasantly surprised!

Hot and Sweet follows Minjoon (Choi Minhwan – member of FTIsland) who owns and runs a food truck and is struggling to gain business. He meets Joonyoung (Seo Yoona – member of AOA), an artist with a soft spot for soju packs (I had no idea you could get a carton of alcohol!).

Joonye781941b90b0451e86e39c34c8606765oung is a headstrong and lively young woman, and her feisty character butts heads with Minjoon in an often hilarious and cute way. We spend most of our time with these two characters, and the romance is sweet and I easily found myself backing the couple right away.

I will say, the timeline is a bit confusing. I simply assumed that the drama spans a few weeks, but it may have only spanned a week. However, I was invested in the characters too much to care how long they’d known each other haha ^^”

The plot is rather simple, it’s mostly about vlcsnap-2016-11-12-13h27m38s664Minjoon cooking food for Joonyoung who loves to eat. There is a small side plot in that Minjoon wants to enter a cooking competition that his ex-girlfriend, Yoojin (Seo Hyejin) is involved in so that he can prove his worth. Thankfully the angst in relation to this and how it effects our leads was not strung out and annoying, which can sometimes harm a good drama.

I was sure that the competition would play a large role, but it was refreshing to see that Minjoon found that he didn’t need such a thing to prove that he was a good cook. The fact that Joonyoung had helped him see that was lovely.

There are a few side characters who are hilarious and make the drama even more enjoyable!

The first are two high school students. Lee Kangjae and Lee Bitna play troublesome, yet playful students. Bitna is a strong young woman who speaks her mind and happily beats up her boyfriend, whom is happily beat up haha 😂

The second is a mart ahjumma (Jung Yirang) who meets the pair by chance and finds great pleasure and amusement in reminding Minjoon that he got kicked in the privates for being insensitive towards a purchase made by Joonyoung.


This is an incredibly short and fun drama that I would highly recommend! It was fluffy and cute, with just the right amount of angst. I will say that the end was somewhat frustrating, but the chemistry between the main leads mellowed me and kept me smiling 🙂 And the kiss was definitely one of the best I’ve seen in an “idol” drama! ❤

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~



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