Prince’s Prince (Episode 1) Recap~

I found another little WebDrama to delve into! My main reason of course would be because it stars Choi JongHoon, leader of FTIsland who is beautiful~ haha ♥

Anyway, so the actual episode… it is very quirky and I like the way it is filmed and edited for the most part. I like the little effects and incorporation of original (I assume) webtoon art.

The acting isn’t that great, but it’s still enjoyable and even though the story is rather confusing and all over the place at the moment, hopefully it will become clearer in the following episodes. Having such short episodes, I understand that they are trying to get as much in as possible, to fit everything in.

‘Passing Fate.’

“A person who tries to harm my people or myself, will be nipped in the bud. When you challenge me, you should be prepared to die.”

We open with a rather darker image than I thought we would, I’m not sure how this is going to impact the rest of the episode/drama, but we will see!

Park ShiHyun (Choi JungHoon) arrives at an airport and is disappointed to see that the place is rather empty. A man, Secretary Kang, who is on the phone, spots him and runs up to him shouting ‘Director’

ShiHyun takes the phone and we hear:

“We all have secrets we want to hide. A secret that is so precious that you don’t want to have it exposed.”

This frustrates, ShiHyun and he throws the phone to the ground.

Picture1 Picture2

This smoothly transitions to a woman slapping a young girl at a police station. Two blundering policeman hurry over, but the woman is pretty scary and they decide to not get involved.

The woman shouts at the young girl, YooNa (Yuna). YooNa shouts back that the woman’s daughter, Kim SoYeon, was the one who started the fight by calling her a major geek. By the look SoYeon gives, that much seems likely as the girl is enjoying YooNa’s situation.

The woman goes to slap YooNa, but is stopped by the appearance of an obviously angry ShiHyun. We pan to the outside of the police station and watch as the camera shakes and there is an uproar going on inside.

Picture3Back in the room, ShiHyun, armed with what looks like a pillow, is being held back by the police. The woman tells ShiHyun that her husband is wealthy and should watch his behaviour, ShiHyun just smirks and moves away.

His employee then explains that ShiHyun develops and distributes online and mobile games. Meanwhile, ShiHyun makes a call and pulls out the funds he recently invested into this woman’s husbands company, which causes them to go immediately bankrupt.

ShiHyun proudly announces that he is YooNa’s ‘oppa’, much to her frustration.

Back home, both siblings are annoyed. ShiHyun because he had to go to a police station and YooNa because he always does what he wants. We find out that ShiHyun has been absent for 5 years.

Picture4 Picture5

ShiHyun storms after her, randomly shouting about wanting to see her report card, but stops dead when he enters her room. YooNa’s room is full of merchandise pertaining to a game. ShiHyun stares round in shock, wondering what happened since he has been gone. His disbelief/annoyance at her obsession causes him to snap a cardboard cut-out of a character in half.

He understands why they call her a ‘major geek’ (harsh, but a little true haha ^^”). YooNa, angry enough that cute animated lightning bolts surrounded her head, order her brother to leave her room.

Picture6While in the car, Secretary Kang explains that YooNa became very lonely when ShiHyun went to study abroad, as it left her generally alone. ShiHyun understands but is still angry that she embarrassed him. Secretary Kang tells him he hasn’t changed, that he still spout crap (hahaha~). 

He quickly changes the subject and we find out that YooNa has not been answering her phone, and of course only in dramaland, we find out that ShiHyun put a tracking device in her bag! And one on her shoe in case she didn’t take her bag.

The two walk around an outdoor video game/cosplay event and are definitely not in their comfort zone.

Picture7 Picture8

They walk down and wonder where she could be, when a man, Lee MongRyong (Im YunHo) in Josean attire walks past him. ShiHyun tells Secretary Kang to check who is photographed more at the event him or the cosplayer (I don’t fully understand this, but it’s pretty much showing what kind of guy he is – vain~).

Picture9ShiHyun looks back to where MongRyong is and sees him thanking YooNa for helping him out. She is happy to receive his thanks and says it is the least she can do as she is the fanclub president (of course she is, this little pumkin~).

Squinting at him, ShiHyun wonders where he has seen the guy before and his mind goes back to the cardboard cut-out. He glares at the man and says:

“This punk!”

Thank you for reading~

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