One Spring Night || Drama Review â™¥

“Spring brought me to you.”

One Spring Night aired from May to July in 2019 on MBC. It filled the Wednesday and Thursday 10:55pm slot. It has 32 episodes (it’s technically 16 as two episodes air a night, but to get round the advert laws, some dramas get split in half to circumvent it).

I tried not to put spoilers in, and sometimes I don’t know what is considered one or not, so sorry if I inadvertently spoil you.

Jeong In (Han Ji Min), after a night of drinking with her friends, stumbles into a pharmacy for a hangover remedy on her way to work (she’s a librarian). The pharmacist on shift is Ji Ho (Jung Hae In), who finds her bemusing and is instantly drawn to her. The feeling is mutual. Due to her forgetting her wallet, Ji Ho uses this opportunity to get her to have to come back in person.

These small meetings further exacerbate how Jeong In feels about her current relationship. Gi Seok (Kim Joo Han) hardly makes time for her and when the pair do meet, it inevitably ends in an argument. It doesn’t help that she hasn’t met or been accepted by Gi Seok’s father in the 4yrs they’ve been together.

And it’s when Jeong In decides to end things that Gi Seok becomes intent on marrying her. However, the reason is less about love, and more about his pride. Meanwhile, her relationship with Ji Ho grows, but it’s an uphill battle for acceptance due to social attitudes.

This is definitely one of my favourite dramas. Of. All. Time.

Despite the emotions and topics of this drama, it felt like a comfort watch. There are definite triggers for domestic abuse, with insinuation and then confirmation of marital rape. The other topics include, single parenthood, divorce, cheating and self worth vs. societal worth. There are a lot of conversations that I, personally, think are handled well in general, but also match the characters who are having them.

The plot is rather slow and repeats in several instances, so it’s more character driven. Each character is well rounded and the interactions they have with each other are wonderful, be they positive or negative. Each one is flawed which adds an important element of reality.

Our main female lead isn’t super sweet, sometimes she can be a bitch. And what’s great is that she will fully admit that. Jeong In is possibly one of the most flawed in this drama. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t likeable. Jeong In always fought for what she wanted and her own autonomy was important to her, even if it meant causing herself pain from feeling like she was a disappointment to her parents. In the long run, it was her happiness that she needed to protect. She admits to her contradictions, her behaviours and her feelings.

Ji Ho is mostly her opposite. He is more reserved and less likely to go after what he wants. Especially in love, due to feeling inadequate. He loves his son, Eun U (Ha Yi An) and in no way does he see him as a burden, but Ji Ho understands that society sees him as lesser. He understands that Jeong In’s parents are likely to not want their daughter to date a single father. Ji Ho tends to be the calm to Jeong In’s storm. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love with his whole chest, because he does. He also grows throughout, and does stand his ground when Jeong In tries to fight all the battles.

I really liked this couple. Sometimes, I do wish we got more on screen conversations as it did feel a little rushed, but I’m satisfied with the ones we got that developed their romance. They were really sweet and I liked how they fought for their happiness, even if it meant confronting each other. And can we just praise that the writer – Kim Eun – didn’t put us through any unnecessary angst regarding Eun-U’s mother? That was something I was worried would happen, but was pleasantly surprised at how that aspect of Ji Ho’s life was handled.

One Spring Night has a wonderful female presence and that’s what made me really enjoy it. Jeong In has two sisters and they actually act like sisters. They bicker and laugh and cry and support unconditionally. Jeong In is the middle child. Her older sister, Seo In (Im Sung Eon), is an announcer and on the surface has a perfect life. She is considerate and keeps her problems close to her chest. Her struggle was the most heartbreaking. Her piece of shit husband, Shi Hoon (Lee Moo Saeng), is abusive and all she wants is a divorce – and both her husband and father are against it. The youngest, Jae In (Joo Min Kyung), is flighty and feisty! She was also the most understanding. She never judged and was often the pillar of support to her sisters.

Ji Ho also has women around him at the pharmacy. The main being Hye Jung (Seo Jung Yeon) who is his noona, friend and wisdom giver. These women would also tease him in such a funny way.

And then we had the two mothers. They both want their children to be happy and their concerns are valid, but were frustrating at times. Sook Hee (Kim Jung Young), Ji Ho’s mother, was afraid that both her son and grandson would be hurt, but it did sometimes come off as her not wanting to burden a non single parent. Hyeong Son (Gil Hae Yeon), Jeong In’s mother, was frustrating in her inconsistency. This woman was great and we get to see her smack a man, but there were instances were she just sat back. I do like that she grew and was willing to learn and put her children’s wishes/wants first.

Men. So many of them are trash in this drama. For the nice ones, I’ve already talked bout Ji Ho, but his friends, Hyeon Soo (Im Hyun Soo) and Young Jae (Lee Chang Soon) were supportive – sometimes dumb – and they stood by him and weren’t afraid to voice their concerns. Ji Ho’s dad, Nam Soo (Oh Man Seok) was an MVP, that man just wanted his son to be happy and was a chill guy.

And now for the trash. We’ve talked about Shi Hoon already, he’s peak trash. And then I briefly mentioned Jeong In’s father. This man cared more about his job after retirement than his children being happy. He was on board with the Gi Seok marriage for way too long. He was a coward and barely redeemed himself. Some of his behaviour makes me angry. Below him on the trash scale is Gi Seok. This man gets dumped several times, but apparently if you don’t agree, that means you’re still in a relationship. No, sir. There is an argument that Jeong In emotionally cheats on him, but in my eyes, they’re broken up when the deeper connection of our leads happens. We also have to sit through this idiot consistently ignoring Jeong In’s wishes, going behind her back and trying to get her family to force her into marriage. And does he love her? No. He just thinks he’s better than Ji Ho and doesn’t want to “lose” to him. Ugh. Lastly, Gi Seok’s father (Kim Chang Wan) is trash, mostly because he’s not a good father. Frustratingly however, he’s one of the few men in this drama that likes Jeong In’s attitude and in a lot of cases understands her more than her own father.

Overall, the pacing and production of this drama is lovely. I don’t tend to like English songs in Kdrama’s as I’ve not really seen it be done well (my mind goes straight to Healer…), but these songs were beautiful and really added to the comfort level.

I highly recommend One Spring Night ♥


  • Plot: 8
  • Production: 9
  • Acting: 9
  • Enjoyment: 10

Overall Rating: 9/10 ♥


  • Director: Ahn Pan Seok
  • Writer: Kim Eun
  • Network: MBC
  • Release Date: 22nd May – 11th July, 2019
  • Episodes: 32 (35mins each)

Did you enjoy One Spring Night? Or do you plan on watching?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥

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