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Everybody break, break, breakthrough

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In this post I will be ranking the songs from &Twice which was used as the prompts (5 songs) for Team Twice in the Kpop ReadAThon. I have done this previously with Monsta X and EXO

&Twice is Twice’s 2 Japanese album. It was released in November through Warner Music Japan last year, and repackaged in February of 2020. This added the new track Swing. Originally, it topped the Oricon charts, as well as topping the Billboard Japan Hot album’s list.

The album (including the repackage) has 11 songs and features 3 former singles: Happy Happy, Breakthrough and the album’s title track Fake & True.


  1. Swing
  2. Fake & True
  3. Stronger
  4. Breakthrough
  5. Changing!
  6. Happy Happy
  7. What You Waiting For
  8. Be OK
  10. How U Doin’
  11. The Reason Why

The title of each song will take you to the official audio/music video on YouTube~

(I would like to remind everyone that I don’t know music terminology and these are all just my opinions – obviously.)

11. Stronger

Lyrics: Eri Osanai

Getting back up stronger stronger
Immediately, take a chance now
Keep writing the story


This song was uncomfortable to listen to.

It’s a shame because the vocals are good, but they’re drowned out by the beat. It’s so loud! My head started to hurt because I was so focused on trying to listen to the vocals.

10. Swing

Lyrics: Yuka Matsumoto

It’s so scary to jump in
I couldn’t handle getting hurt
But maybe, just maybe
Everything will be all right

Lurkette @hallyuplus.net

Swing was a song that at first I went “hmmm not sure…”. It was kind of cute, but then was also annoying 😂 And honestly, after re-listens it doesn’t get much better. The cute parts were pretty catchy tho.

Another downside is that a lot of the members were barely used in this song.

9. How U Doin’

Lyrics: Chaeyoung (member) + Risa Horie

To be honest, I’m not going to forget you
I can’t seem to do it, it’s like doing my homework
It’s a waste of time


I didn’t really have that many feelings about this one, which is why I put it so low down. It was alright.

The military drum (I’m not sure how else to explain 😅) was pretty interesting. Beat aside, the vocals were fine. I felt that only Nayeon and Jihyo stood out though which is a shame because so many other of these songs highlight the other members so well.

(The lyrics above are so funny to me 😂)

8. Be OK

Lyrics:  Shoko Fujibayashi

Even when things are going badly
And your feelings are out of control
It’s sure to be a lesson on how to be strong
Be OK, all right!

Lurkette @hallyuplus.net

The beat in Be OK is fun, but sometimes it felt like the song was going to fast 😅. Amid the fast paced atmosphere, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and definitely Mina were so soothing!

The chorus is very catchy, but at times it sounded like the voices blended together or blended into the beat, which was strange. But overall, this is a fun song to bob along to!

Also, the lyrics… I think they’re about being confident, but then I would get confused and then Mina was singing about going “to the hell”… idk


Lyrics: Lauren Kaori + Yuki Kokubo

When everything goes wrong
Polish polish ’cause we are diamonds
And your eyes, swollen from crying too much
Becomes the power to live tomorrow


Overall, this song was pretty fun. It has a somewhat strolling (?) beat which goes so well with the vocal ability of the members. However, I felt that in some places the vocals didn’t really match well with the beat as it seemed that they tried to fit too many lyrics into the space.

The vocals that I really enjoyed were Mina and Nayeon. And after listening for a few times, these issues aren’t as noticeable.

6. Changing!

Lyrics: Yu Shimoji

To the future, changing!
I’m going to keep changing
As many times, the way I want to
I won’t get lost, changing!

colour coded lyrics

This song has such a fun vibe that rises up nicely and smoothly into the chorus! The vocals are a mix of cute and strong which is a nice balance.

The line distribution is also pretty good in comparison to other songs. I enjoyed Chaeyoung’s vocals, as well as Jihyo’s and Sana’s. I do wish that Tzuyu had been used a bit more.

5. Happy Happy

Lyrics: Yu Shimoji

I’ll be happy happy happy (U U U)
I have faith
No matter how many years in the future
No matter how many decades in the future
I wanna be with you


Happy Happy is the most “Twice” song on the album! It’s pure cuteness. I mean the song opens up with Nayeon and then followed with Sana is such an adorable power move ♥

Tzuyu and Mina’s vocals are so soothing and then bam we get the chorus which is super catchy. This again happens again, but the other time is Mina and Sana. Both are just as good!

4. The Reason Why

Lyrics: Natsumi Watanabe

At any point in life, you know I’ll be by your side the most
We’ll overcome the sadness together, too
There’s the reason why
I want to walk hand-in-hand with you
I know I’ll always love you


We stan a ballad in this house! The Reason Why is so pretty and everyone’s vocals are lovely to listen to. I was getting a bit disappointed with the latter half of the album, but this last song is so good! I understand why it’s at the end because it’s the slowest of them all, but it deserved a better placement.

Jihyo and Nayeon have the most impactful parts, but Sana, Mina and Tzuyu also stood out. The other’s were great, but they didn’t have that many lines. Also, I sometimes have an issue with Momo’s voice being a bit flat, but her voice is so pretty here.

3. What You Waiting For

Lyrics: Mayu Wakisaka + Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”

When you think nothing’s alright
If you cannot find the GO sign
Don’t be afraid
You know you’re where you’re meant to be
One more time, close your eyes
And then count 1 2 3 4 5
Within the darkness you can see the starlight

The opening music and beat is really interesting and Nayeon’s vocals instantly has me caught. What You Waiting For is an English song and I’m not going to lie that I was a little confused that no Japanese was happening after around 30 seconds 😅

It’s a pretty song and the vocals match really well. It’s a ballad but has a pop/upbeat background and I love those types of songs! The lyrics are also lovely ♥

2. Fake & True

Lyrics: Jam9

“I’m not smart, I can’t become”
Why are you being negative?
If it’s a longing or a dream
Speak from your heart
True true true

Life in comments: colour coded lyrics

Fake & True wouldn’t have been so high if I hadn’t listened to it several time or against the rest of this album. This song grew on me so much!

The line distribution is great in this song and the rap between Chaeyoung and Dahyun was perfection. I love when these two are combined. Mina and Jihyo’s vocals are also incredible.

This song has such a mature and classy feel. However, it still has the Twice title track energy of being fun and catchy.

1. Breakthrough

Lyrics: Yu Shimoji

No matter what people say about me
I’ll shake it off, going my way
Say say, don’t give up
Say say, don’t give up
Until I become able to
Proudly hold my head high
Say say, don’t give up
Say say, don’t give up


Breakthrough at this point might be my favourite Twice song ever. I feel so cool listening to this song, especially the chorus! The vocals are very strong (which is something I’ve noticed more in the Japanese comebacks). The beat is cool and the chorus is catchy and very memorable. I can’t dance, but I want to learn the chorus choreo!

The line distribution is okay, but Jihyo does have a lot of lines, as well as Nayeon and suprisingly Jeongyeon (I love her voice, but in most songs on this album, she has been in the smaller line number group). I’m torn because I wish groups had better line distribution (or smaller groups, but that’s a different conversation), but Jihyo goes hard in this song and it’s fantastic!

Overall, this is a pretty strong album. It has some great songs that explore more of the vocal ranges of the members which seems to be a pattern with the Japanese comebacks. Personally, some songs could be better made in consideration to the vocal ability not being drowned out or clashing. As I’ve said the few songs near the end were disappointing, but definitely ended on a high.

What’s your favourite song from &Twice?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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