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I gotta feel, something for real

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Fantasia X is the latest mini album from Monsta X. It was released on the 26th May 2020 and contains 7 songs.


  1. Fantasia
  2. Flow
  3. Zone
  4. Chaotic
  5. Beautiful Night
  6. It Ain’t Over
  7. Stand Up

I’m currently doing the Kpop ReadAThon and I’m on team Monsta X. All the prompt challenges are named and linked to songs from this album so I thought it would be fun to rank them!

7. Flow

Flow is the 2nd track from the album. The lyrics were written by members Jooheon and I.M. with 9F, while it was composed and arranged by Jooheon and 9F.

This was my least favourite song on the album and it’s such a shame because the lyrics are really beautiful.

Just say it’s okay today and just live || I wanna be brave || I want to be more honest with myself || How about just as it flow || Imma just wait for my next chapter ||

lyrics from nesialyrics.blogspot

However, the song just doesn’t sound right. It’s so robotic and there is just too much noise. I did like I.M.’s parts because the noise drops and his voice is the only one that sounds natural.

6. Chaotic

Chaotic is the 4th track from the album. The lyrics were written by ZNEE and 장다인 from Flying Lab, along with members Jooheon and I.M. This song was composed by Stereo14 (who also arranged it), Drew Ryan Scott and Seon Michael Alexander.

The song starts with an intense beat and I was expecting Jooheon to open, but was happily surprised that it was Shownu’s beautiful vocals.

While I liked the song, it just felt disjointed. The transitions from the vocals to the rap sections felt clunky. Unlike Flow, there wasn’t an autotune/robotic element to the voices and Kihyun’s high notes and him singing “you you you you” – stunning!

5. It Ain’t Over

It Ain’t Over is the 6th track on the album and was written by 브라더수 (BrotherSu) and members Jooheon and I.M. It was composed by Willie Weeks (who also arranged it) and 브라더수 (BrotherSu).

While the lyrics are a bit extra and counterproductive. Like, let it go 😂

I go hard, go hard for ya, fight for ya for ya, even if you say it’s over || It ain’t over til it’s over.

translations + colour coded lyric video at Zaty Farhani

However, this song is well made and the vocals are all very smooth. The music is cool, sexy and fun.

4. Zone

Zone is the 3rd track from the album and written by 윤석 (YOONSEOK), Wooki and members Jooheon nad I.M. The song was composed and written by I.M., 윤석 (YOONSEOK) and Wooki.

We goin’ party, ain’t nobody’s stopping || We do whatever we want.

translations + colour coded lyric video at Zaty Farhani

This song is upbeat, fun and powerful. It’s definitely a song fit for a club or a party. And Jooheon’s rap sections elevate the song 💯

We stan our boys being unbothered kings not wanting to be disturbed while they’re having fun in the club!

3. Beautiful Night

Beautiful Night is the 5th track on the album and was written bu iHawk, Flow Blow and members Jooheon and I.M. It was composed by iHawk and Flow Blow (who also arranged it).

After listening to a lot of upbeat and loud songs, listening to Beautiful Night was such a breath of fresh air! It’s so pretty! All the members’ voices are so soft and nice to listen to. Even Jooheon has a softness to his rap sections.

Hyungwon and Minhyuk were great in this song as their voices blend nicely are naturally soft. Also, do some reason having Kihyun and then Shownu sing the same lyric one after the other works so beautifully ♥

Woo beautiful night, please stay only by my side

The lyrics are also rather sweet and is full of the feelings of a gentle love.

If you are by my side, then every day would be sweet

translations + colour coded lyric video at Zaty Farhani

2. Fantasia

Fantasia is the title track and 1st track of the album and a strong opener. It was written by 브라더수 (BrotherSu) and members Jooheon and I.M. The composers were: Willie Weeks, Michelle Bastiansen, Carlos Okabe, OLLIPOP. While Willie Weeks also arranged the track.

This song is a powerful song about pushing forward and not letting anyone put you don’t anymore.

No more hesitation, not anymore ||
Like the beginning, we on a roll ||
Because this is my destiny ||
I’ll burn up even more ||

translated lyrics from Color Coded Lyrics

Fantasia is definitely one of their best comebacks to date. This EDM tune is so strong, upbeat and arranged so well. Having Jooheon open really does set the bar high for what is to come in a song. The transitions from member to member are smooth and their voices are perfect together.

1. Stand Up

Stand Up is the 7th and final song on the album and was written by members Jooheon and I.M. and Ye-Yo!. It was composed and arranged by Jooheon and Ye-Yo!

And when I tell you I was tearing up with how beautiful this song is 😭😂

Stand Up opens with all the members singing together and I’m soft for stuff like that. It’s super pretty and then it goes into I.M.’s part. It’s so good!!

This was such a good song to end on. It’s uplifting, hopeful and motivating ♥

Have to blow out my sigh like hu || Have to let my tear fall like tuk || Have to hold it, hold it in and get up || Even if I fall down on my knees, I just have to get up ||


After pain comes joy || Happiness comes after joy || After happiness comes love || Don’t frown, everything will come find you.

translations from lyricskpop.net

Thanks for reading!

Do you agree with my ranking? What’s your favourite song from the album?

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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