Ranking &Twice || TWICE ♥

Everybody break, break, breakthrough https://moreblminfo.carrd.co/ https://getinformed.carrd.co/ This is an incredible carrd with information and resources about many of the issues the world is going through right now!I find Twitter an extremely useful tool in finding information about these injustices and ways to help. As well as Change.org for petitions! In this post I will be ranking the…… Continue reading Ranking &Twice || TWICE ♥


날 안다고? (I don’t think so) As always, I would like to start this post with several carrds that contain very important information about the injustices happening right now and resources to help: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ has a lot of information and resources for different countries. It also has info on Palestine, the Junk Terror Bill, Hong Kong…… Continue reading Ranking OBSESSION || EXO

Ranking Fantasia X || Monsta X

I gotta feel, something for real As always, I would like to share some important resources about ways to help with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as other injustices in the world we’re facing at the moment: This carrd: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ has a lot of information and resources and is updated regularly! It also has info…… Continue reading Ranking Fantasia X || Monsta X