Taeyeon x Nylon || 02.03.2019


My life is a beauty ♫

Taeyeon is Girl’s Generation Leader and Soloist in her own right. Taeyeon is beautiful and so is this editorial. For the interview and more pictures, click here.

I really like the colour palette of this shoot, however, Taeyeon looks so pale and whitewashed… I know this isn’t new, but it needs to stop!

taeyeon nylon 1

I love Taeyeon’s hair in this. It looks disheveled but refined. The jewellery is Qeelin, and from their ‘Wulu’ collection (I put the Chinese price because those were the only prices I could find, so the £’s is hopefully the right conversion. Don’t let me down Google!)

The necklace is £4899.14 (43,500 Chinese Yuan) and the bracelet is £1078.94 (9580 Chinese Yuan). These are pretty cute and simple pieces and I’m assuming they are so expensive because they are 18 Karats (and I think that means its super fancy~ I’m so knowledgeable haha ^^”).

The blouse is from Zara and of course I couldn’t find it, or I just couldn’t work which one it was haha, but most blouse are around £25-£30 so that’s the ballpark I’m assuming it’s in.

taeyeon nylon 2

I like that this picture allows for the blue of the Prada shirt (£760) to really pop, but it’s so pale and makes the shot so boring. I do like the cute idea of sticking flowers to the wall.

The slip dress comes from the stylist’s collection.

taeyeon nylon 3

This is such a cute shot! I love how the flowers blend into the knitted top from Sonia Rykiel, which is hand-knitted and for once I’m okay with the price and I hope whoever knitted it was paid a lot! oh and it’s £685!

The shirt is from EUDON CHOI… I think. On Nylon is says 유돈초이 and I think I translated it right, but couldn’t find the shirt on the site… but then shirts mostly look the same! 

I thought Taeyeon was wearing a plaid skirt, but according to Nylon, it’s a pair of shorts. They are a Marc Jacobs creation and cost £273.

taeyeon nylon 4

taeyeon nylon 6

I chose to put these two together, as Taeyeon is wearing the same thing in them. The sleeveless inner one piece is around £200 and comes from Vanessa Bruno. While the blouse comes from Wnderkrammer which is around £100.

Again, the jewellery is from Qeelin. The ring is £5011.76 (44,500 Chinese Yuan) and the Earrings are £10,676.75 (94,800 Chinese Yuan). I get that these have to be super expensive because of the crystals and gold/silver, but these are so expensive that it hurts… I’d never be able to wear these for fear of breaking or losing them! 

I love the second shot! It’s so beautifully set up and the way Taeyeon’s hair is slightly blowing around her face is so pretty ♥

taeyeon nylon 5

I don’t quite understand the set styling on this one, but it’s not awful.

The Wnderkammer one piece dress is so cute and only costs £132.79 (which is still too much for a dress, but not the worst price I’ve ever seen doing these posts haha).

The shoes are from the stylist’s collection and they are the part that I’m most against! They don’t suit the position that Taeyeon is sat. It makes her feet look awkward and makes the shoes look ugly.


Editor: Choi SungMin
Interview: Oh DaHye
Photographer: Kim Oi Mil
Stylist: Jung HeeIn
Makeup: Seo Ok
Hair: Kim Ggot Bi
Set Stylist: Kim KyoungMin


Qeelin                         Zara                          Prada                    Sonia Rykiel

EUDON CHOI                        Marc Jacobs                       vanessabruno


Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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