Kwon Na Ra x Nylon Korea || March 🌺

2020년 3월 24일 This is such a beautiful beauty shoot and I want to show them to everyone! Na Ra is stunning!! I recently finished Suspicious Partner ♥ and it was nice to see a recent pictorial to showcase more of her beauty! Kwon Na Ra is one of the original members of girl group…… Continue reading Kwon Na Ra x Nylon Korea || March 🌺

Chungha x Nylon Korea

Reaching the Sunlight || 09.12.2019 Chungha was a member of the Mnet’s Produce 101  competition and subsequently the girl group I.O.I. After it’s disbandment, Chungha became a popular solo artist in 2017. For more pictures and the originals check out Nylon Media Korea~ This picture is so pretty. The posture, the expression, the balance between…… Continue reading Chungha x Nylon Korea

Seohyun x Nylon Korea ♥

I Want To Do Better || 18.12.2020 Seohyun is the maknae of Girl’s Generation and actress. She recently starred in the JTBC Film Hello Dracula which aired in February. For more information and original photo’s check out Nylon Media Korea~ 골든 슬리브리스 드레스는 엠미쏘니, 파이톤 패턴의 롱부츠는 라비스타. Seohyun’s body shape is really nice in this shot,…… Continue reading Seohyun x Nylon Korea ♥

Jang Kiyong x Nylon Korea || 17.04.2019

KiYong is coming for your 2000’s denim style Justin Timberlake! Jang KiYong is a YG model and actor, and is currently staring in Kill It with After School’s Nana. For more pictures and the full article click Nylon Korea This is a cute and casual shoot. This is a such a cool shot! These two pics…… Continue reading Jang Kiyong x Nylon Korea || 17.04.2019