Jang Kiyong x Nylon Korea || 17.04.2019

KiYong is coming for your 2000’s denim style Justin Timberlake!

Jang KiYong is a YG model and actor, and is currently staring in Kill It with After School’s Nana. For more pictures and the full article click Nylon Korea

This is a cute and casual shoot.

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This is a such a cool shot! These two pics give me cute bad boy vibes (it’s an oxymoron, but you get what I mean, right? haha). 

The black jacket is from Ordinary People (and I can never find prices from this brand so sorry!). The denim jeans are interesting… I’m not sure I like them. They have elements of overalls which is cool, but they look too baggy. These jeans are from JW Anderson by hanstyle.com and the price I could find was in won – ₩850,000 – which is about £567.

The plain white tshirt is from the stylists collection.

jang kiyong nylon 1

This is my favourite picture of this shoot. It’s so cute and the pastel pink mix with the all blue denim ensemble is so aesthetically pleasing!

The bleached denim jacket is from Maison Margiela (£855) and thanks to the stylist who decided to have this beautiful man topless underneath haha :p

The wide trousers are from MUNSOO KWON (who don’t seem to like giving prices either…). I like these in the picture because they give the outfit texture and compliments the oversized jacket. However, I hate wide trousers, so if he was stood up in this, I would hate it!

The sneakers are classic low top converse which are £65.

jang kiyong nylon 2


This outfit, which is giving cowboy suit vibes, comes from Sandro. The denim jacket is cute (£239) and would have looked a lot more stylish if it had been paired with a different pair of jeans than these (£165).

Once again, the shoes are converse.

jang kiyong nylon 4

This shot makes me sad. KiYong looks so lonely, and the drab grey’s don’t help!

All the clothes are oversized. The shirt is from Boon the Shop (what is it with Korean brands and not giving prices?!). And the striped wide trousers are from MUNSOO KWON. And of course the outfit isn’t complete with the converses.


  • Editor Choi Sungmin
  • Photographer kim Hee june
  • Stylist Yoon seul gi
  • Makeup An Sung Hee
  • Hair Lee Il Jung


JW 앤더슨 by hanstyle.com                   Ordinary People                 

    Maison Margeila                   MUNSOO KWON               

      Converse                      Sandro                        boontheshop

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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