Chungha x Nylon Korea

Reaching the Sunlight || 09.12.2019

Chungha was a member of the Mnet’s Produce 101  competition and subsequently the girl group I.O.I. After it’s disbandment, Chungha became a popular solo artist in 2017.

For more pictures and the originals check out Nylon Media Korea~

chungha nylon 1

This picture is so pretty. The posture, the expression, the balance between the foliage and Chungha makes a great shot. The knit poncha is from Viki, while the gold hanging earrings are from goiu.

chungha nylon 2

This outfit is really cool!

The Zara jumper is beautiful and I love the different patterns and styles are incorporated into one jumper. The skirt is giving me Cinderella vibes and comes froms dewedewe. The white boots are from Rachel Cox.

chungha nylon 3

Everything about this is wonderful. The art is so pretty and dynamic and the dewedewe coat fits in instead of clashing. The onepiece underneath is also from the former brand. The black heeled ankle boots and the cute blue clasp shoulder bag are both from Charles & Keith.

chungha nylon 4

There are a lot of flashy colours in this shot, they are still cohesive and not ugly. The tartan coat with the bright blue cuffs is from the brand SJ Wani.

The earrings are from goiu, while the necklace is from the stylist’s collection.

chungha nylon 5

The architecture here is so beautiful!

The pose is a bit awkward, but it does highlight the clothes Chungha is wearing. The black and white jacket with an oversized collar is from dewedewe. Underneath is a short check dress from Zara. The white ankle boots and white clasp bag round off the outfit and are from Charles & Keith.


  • Editor: Park Ji Hyun
  • Photographer: Yoo Young Jun
  • Stylist: Park Su Kyung
  • Makeup: Jeong Eun Woo
  • Hair: Kim Seon Ju
  • Location: Hotel Indigo, Seminyak Beach, Bali; Indonesia


Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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