Minah x Nylon || 15.07.2019

Sometimes the makeup is the star of the outfit 💄

Bang Minah is best known for being a member of Girl’s Day ♥ and is a solo artist. Minah is also an actress and most notably starred as the lead in Beautiful Gong Shim with Nam Goong Min.

For more photos and information check out Nylon Korea~

minah 1

Goldfish! This is such a cute little shot~

Minah is wearing Clé de Peau Beauté’s Radiant Fluid Foundation which is aroud £103 ($128). For her lips and cheeks, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Pot Rouge in calypso coral (£22.50) was used. This was also used around the eyes to give them an extra shine and vibrancy.

The pretty puff sleeve blouse is from Zara (£25.99). I like how the colour is vibrant enough to not blend into the background block of blue.

minah 2

This is such a cute and quirky shot. I love a messy bun!

The main point of the makeup comes from Chanel. I can’t tell from the description, but I think the blush that is applied to the cheeks and lips is Voyage De Chanel (£52) or Joues Contraste Powder Blush (£35). Either way this is way too expensive for such little compacts! But then again what would I know I don’t wear makeup haha ^^”

Clio Cosmetics’s Gelpresson Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner #10 was used as eye shadow. This costs around £8 (12,000 won).

The plaid blazer is so cool! I love it! This and the boob tube looking top underneath are part of the stylist’s collection.

minah 3

I love everything about this look! And I want a ice lolly now haha~

Nars liquid blush (in shade ‘orgasm’ – £25) is the main feature of the makeup look. And this was cover with Mac’s lip glass clear (I think – it was a little confusing in the description on Nylon – £16) which gives the blush an extra glossy shine.

The outfit comes from Monts and Zara. The Monts t-shirt is a cute “free love for all” graphic tee which is just under £30 (43,000 won). The Zara demin pinafore type dress gives Minah’s body a lovely curve shape (£29.99).

minah 4

Just a simple and pretty shot~

Minah is wearing a cute purple top from Zara (£17.99).

As for the makeup we have Minah wearing Artistry C Curl Lash from Too Cool For School (which is basically mascara) and is just under £11 (16,000 won). And on her lips she is wearing Shu Uemura’s Deep Purple Hydration Lip Balm (£25.85)


Editor Park Kyeong Mi
Photographer Park Yong Bin
Stylist Kim Yeah Jin
Makeup Choi Si No
Hair Chae Soo Hoon


Clé de Peau Beauté

Bobbi Brown







Too Cool For School

Shu Uemura

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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