Bad Thief, Good Thief || Ep 1 First Thoughts ๐Ÿค”

I am so here for this, even though it’s 50 episodes long.

‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’ (2017) starts of with bang in this episode. PanSoo (Ahn KilKang) has returned home after a long absence and he’s intent on keeping the promise made to his son, MinJae, to stop stealing.

heroic corp 1933PanSoo finds it difficult to find a job (and discovers that his son is working to help his mother). The reason for PanSoo’s financial difficulties stem from his grandfather, who was in the Heroic Corp during the 30’s and 40’s. The government had PanSoo’s father tortured for information on his grandfather.

His luck gets worse when he applies for some help from an organisation looking to compensate the descendants of the Heroic Corp. PanSoo finds out through several beatings that the organisation simply wants the treasure map one of the original members hid.

And his woes don’t end there.

This was such a gripping first episode. The plot is so interesting and the amount of illegal activity and covering up that happened in just the first episode hints at some crazy twists to come!


The acting was a mixture. The child actors were rather adorable and child MinJae (Moon WooJin) was the stand out. Little SoJoo was cute too, and I’m super excited to see how Seohyun portrays a feisty investigator later on.

Some of the adult actors were a little stilted or over the top, but to be honest this is a daily drama and I’m way too used to overacting in kdramas haha :p As well as this, the production values weren’t especially high, and I can’t wait for those terrible wigs to disappear (burn them!).


From what I can gather so far, the main bad guy, Hong IlKwon (Jang Gwang) is a rich man who wants to be richer at the expense of others. His son-in-law seems to be against his fathers actions, but he covered up a murder so!

Full cast at AsianWiki

All in all, I am very interested in continuing this drama!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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