DramaThon #2 Halloween Style

I have so many dramas to catch-up on, so what would be a good idea?  Doing a #dramathon! ^^”

Hello! I’m not really into the whole Halloween thing, but I like the idea of Spookathon, which is a readathon hosted by 3 YouTubers (I’ll link their channels at the bottom of this post ^^). However, I don’t like horror or thriller books. But I do like dramas!

And to be honest, most of these aren’t scary, but I’m a wimp and I’m giving myself an A for effort haha ^^”

I’m thinking of doing daily challenges, which is what I did with the last one. I have a couple of ideas, and if you have any ideas feel free to let me know and I can compile an update post if I decide to do them 🙂

The Spookathon takes place on 16th-22nd October, but I’m going to watch these dramas the week after – 23rd-29th October – I have a reading week for Uni, so I’m going to take breaks from writing essays with an episode (or 2 :p) of a drama. And now for the dramas:

The Scholar Who Walks At Night

I have been so behind on this drama! And this would be a great time, because “vampires”! I won’t be doing recaps, but I will finish this darn drama! I will do a final thoughts/review post.

The Village: Achiara’s Secret

I was interested in watching this drama when it first came out, but I never got round to it. I’m interested in seeing Moon GeunYoung in a drama very outside of the realm of the ones I’ve seen her in.


More vampires! I have wanted to watch this for ages and I think it would be sweet to watch this adorable married couple working together before they became official.


I’ve heard so many good things about this drama and the concept of people from different timelines communicating and solving crime through a walkie-talkie is so interesting!


Criminal Minds

I want to watch this, mainly because I’m super intrigued and I have heard much about this drama on Twitter. Also, I’m not going to argue watching two dramas with Lee JoonGi in. He is so beautiful! ❤.❤

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~

Spookathon Host Links if you are interested in the Readathon (plus these BookTubers are great!)

Shannon (Bookerly)


Paige’s Pages


Kayla (BooksandLala)


7 thoughts on “DramaThon #2 Halloween Style

  1. This is such a fun idea! 🙂 Loved Jun Ki in Scholar and despite some of its flaws in writing/pacing, I enjoyed it overall. It’s one of my favorite roles of his. I also thought Achiara’s Secret brought something fresh and interesting to the table. I’m currently watching Signal now and so far I’m impressed. Truthfully, I hated Criminal Minds (despite my love for LJK; though he was still fabulous in his role)! I’ll be interested to know your thoughts on these once you’ve gone through them all.

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    • Thank you ^^ I’ve watched about half of Scholar before and I totally agree the pacing/story is flawed, but he makes it worth it (and Lee SooHyuk’s beauty too haha :p). I hope I like them, and I’ll definitely make my thoughts known! 🙂

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  2. Have watched Signal and it is a very good! Achiara’s Village, doesn’t enticing for me at all… Watching Criminal Minds now, and it is a very good drama, you get to know the mind of a criminal like a profiler… the things that wouldn’t crossed you’re mind that there’s a “root cause” to all of the criminals action whether it is from their childhood, love interest, or simply ambitions to become someone that they are not.

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