#Dramathon2 Challenge 1 πŸ‘»

Hello! It’s day one of the #dramathon2 and that means it’s time for the first challenge of the week πŸ™‚ Favourite Supernatural Creature Supernatural Creatures are a staple of the Halloween period. What’s your favourite/s? Vampires! I will always choose vampires for this question. I love vampires, they are so varied and wonderful. When I…… Continue reading #Dramathon2 Challenge 1 πŸ‘»

#Dramathon2 Challenges πŸ‘»

Hello! #Dramathon2 is two days away and here are some post challenges to go along with the drama watching. In case you want to join in the #dramathon2 or want to see what I’m talking about, here is the post with all the details πŸ™‚ 23rd October Favourite Supernatural Creature Supernatural Creatures are a staple…… Continue reading #Dramathon2 Challenges πŸ‘»

DramaThon #2 Halloween Style

I have so many dramas to catch-up on, so what would be a good idea?Β  Doing a #dramathon! ^^” Hello! I’m not really into the whole Halloween thing, but I like the idea of Spookathon, which is a readathon hosted by 3 YouTubers (I’ll link their channels at the bottom of this post ^^). However,…… Continue reading DramaThon #2 Halloween Style