Another Parting (μ–΄λ–€ μ•ˆλ…•) Episode 5 Recap

Deja Vu (데자뷰)

This is the final episode and I’m sad to see it go, however, it was just the right length! I loved the chemistry between Seo InGuk and Wang JiWon and the storytelling was beautiful in this drama~

JoonSuk is adamant that HaNa will be a sexy diva for her debut, and is getting frustrated that she isn’t responding to him. He tells the other person in the meeting, JongSoo, to tell the stylists to show her boobs. HaNa stands up and glares at JoonSuk and storms out (rightly so!).Β 

The next day, HaNa is getting her makeup done, in a very familiar setting. The closing of the door behind her, makes her imagine herself holding a gun – deja vu time. HaNa cries.

We are then shown some gorgeous and sexy shots of HaNa, which I am assuming are for her debut music video. Within this, we get a sense that more deja vu is occurring for HaNa.

Instead of showing up her to debut showcase, we watch as HaNa walks away. She follows the same path that Hul did and finds herself on the bridge.

Instead of being saved by Hul, it is now up to HaNa to save herself. She smiles and says “Lets live another day.”Β A bus speeds past, blocking our view. And when it fully goes past we see that HaNa (from the present) is alone.

Time has passed and we watch HaNa perform on stage, just her and her guitar. The song relates to how it’s difficult to let someone go, especially when you love them.

Hul walks through the crowd and HaNa spots him. Laying her guitar down, she happily goes over to him, kissing him lightly and then pulling him into a hug (I love seeing her happy!). Hul is a little taken back, but smiles and hugs her back.

Additional Comments:

I’m going to start of with ‘Is that Hul at the end?”

I saw a lot of comments on YoutTube of people giving their opinion, so here is mine: I think it is. I think that even though Hul sent HaNa back, I don’t think he would lose his memories – I mean he’s an alien, so this is more plausible. And he would still have to come for his mission, so he would just stay past his alarm as he did before. And with all the deja vu happening, I assume that HaNa remembers a lot of what happened before she was sent back. And if not, we don’t know how long it has been since she spoke to herself on the bridge, so she could have met him and fallen in love with him all over again~

But I don’t think that’s the important part of this mini-series. I feel that it’s all a metaphor for how you shouldn’t lie to yourself and how we all wish we could go back and make ourselves truly see and accept what is happening around us, so that we won’t be needlessly hurt. There won’t always be a handsome alien to come along and save us, sometimes (and a lot of the time) we need to do it ourselves.

I really loved this little drama. It was just the right length and even though we saw a lot of the same scenes – in the last two episodes – I didn’t mind because it was all part of the plot and it was done in a very beautifully edited way.

I really do recommend watching this~

Thank you for reading~


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