Another Parting (μ–΄λ–€ μ•ˆλ…•) Episode 5 Recap

Deja Vu (데자뷰)

This is the final episode and I’m sad to see it go, however, it was just the right length! I loved the chemistry between Seo InGuk and Wang JiWon and the storytelling was beautiful in this drama~

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Another Parting (μ–΄λ–€ μ•ˆλ…•) Episode 3 Recap

Escape (도피)

It’s just getting better and better β™₯

HaNa takes Hul to her apartment, who is surprised but impressed by the poster from her singing days. HaNa hates it.

Meanwhile, JoonSuk is on the phone to a hyung of his, who happens to be a detective (Choi SungMin). He and his partner are already on the way to picking HaNa and Hul up.

The phonecall ends and Jenny is obviously shaken up by nearly being killed. However, JoonSuk just keeps rambling. Jenny is fed up (and rightly so! This guy hid behind her!) and pours a bottle of wine over him.

Back at the apartment, Hul is distracted (from checking his face out in a mirror :p) by HaNa’s guitar playing. He stops by the open door and watches her play and thinks:

screenshot_2016-04-07-17-40-31.png“HaNa has pretty lips. And other parts of her face are pretty too.

So I feel good when I look at her.Β 

Every time I feel good, I think again:

If I can keep looking at her…

How much more would I feel pleased?”

He walks in and tells her that she is the best human he has ever seen (aww that’s sweet~).Β 

Other than his telepathy, we learn that Hul can also go back in time, but only once. He asks HaNa where she would go. He dismisses her request of going back to her 7th birthday when she lost a teddy, and asks where she really wants to go. She answers the time before she started lying to herself.

The two detectives are still driving towards the apartment, and Detective Lee’s partner thinks it’s strange that the man they are looking for was just in a coma this morning.

Our leads are going to sleep when HaNa tells him that tears don’t come from your eyes. She presses her finger to his heart. He opens his eyes and in voiceover we hear him repeat what he said earlier while watching her play the guitar (our alien is falling in love).Β 

Later, Hul wakes up and notices that a tear has fallen from her eye in her sleep which he wipes (and eats… super weird!) Hul then watches her briefly and snuggles a little closer to her and closes his eyes.

HaNa is woken by her phone ringing (and Hul falls off the bed/sofa thing Ha!). Her manager tells her that the police are on their way. He tells her to stay put until he gets there, however, HaNa does the opposite.

The pair, now on the run, are driving down the motorway. Hul is driving (I’m assuming his planet has cars as his alien friend could drive too, they also had guns a long time ago as well) and asks where they are going. HaNa tells him to drive until the end, as it’s something she’s never done. He nods, smiles and we watch them drive on.

Additional Comments:

This was a rather sweet episode. HaNa is definitely opening up more to our weird alien and Hul is definitely experiencing feelings which are not quite known to him.

I’m not sure what will happen to these two, especially because they have police on their tail and Hul has the deadline of only 1 day. And of course that one chance at going back in time will probably come in handy, right?

However, I am extremely excited to see!

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Another Parting (μ–΄λ–€ μ•ˆλ…•) Episode 2 Recap

Hana and… Hul!(ν•˜λ‚˜μ™€… 헐!)

This episode was so good! This is how a webdrama should utulise the short amount of time it’s episodes have! ^^

On the bridge, our leading lady goes to climb the railing, however, is stopped by our alien communicating telepathically with her. Seemingly unfazed by this turn of events, she goes to jump again, but our alien asking her why she is crying stops her.

The pair end up at a restaurant, where she tells him her story. Our leading lady was once a singer, in a relationship with her producer, however, a new singer took her place and her man.

She explains that she wanted to kill the producer, Kang JoonSuk (Choi DaeHoon), then the other woman, Jenny (Oh ChoHee) and lastly she settled on wanting to kill herself. Our alien is unsympathetic as he doesn’t understand why she should be crying over that. Saying that love on his planet is something that would appear in a history textbook (this planet is strange…).

He asks her whether she really wants to die:

“No… I want to kill that bastard.”

“Do you want me to kill him for you?”

JoonSuk and Jenny are having drinks with friends, when our leads rock up to their hotel room. Once inside, and once our alien knows who the target it, he steadily aims the gun on JoonSuk.

Our alien starts to explain why he’s here, but then whispers to our leading lady to ask her name (they hadn’t introduced each other yet?!). Upon hearing the answer, he is both confused and amused at her name being Hana (as in the number 1 in Korean).

JoonSuk thinks this is all fake, but quickly changes his tune when our alien demonstrates, with a shot to the ceiling, that the gun is real. JoonSuk starts to grovel, saying that he is very sorry and to spare his life. He even hides behind the sofa, not caring that Jenny also becomes a target when Hana tells our alien to kill her too.

However, instead of shooting anyone, our alien shouts “Bang! Bang! Bang!” He laughs, throws the gun at one of the guests, grabs Hana’s hand and says, with a smile, “Let’s run away.”

Our alien seems rather cool, until he runs the wrong way and we see Hana lead him back onto the right course (Ha!).Β 

They are running along the bridge and Hana asks our alien his name, but he doesn’t have one on this planet. Hana reacts with “hul”, a phrase similar to ‘wth’ or slight frustration/annoyance, which our alien takes an immediate liking to and adopts it as his name! (pahaha!)Β 

The pair keep running, hand in hand, as they laugh together.

Additional Comments:

This episode was far better than the first, in my opinion.

There was better pacing, more development, both in plot and character wise. I mean we finally have names for our leads! Even if one is a slang Korean word haha ^^”

Seo InGuk is doing a great job playing this odd, somewhat emotionally challenged, alien. Wang JiWon is also a pleasure to watch alongside him.

I’m really interested to see where this is going!

Thank you for reading~