Another Parting (์–ด๋–ค ์•ˆ๋…•) Episode 1 Recap

Meeting (๋งŒ๋‚จ)

Not going to lie, I had to watch this episode twice before I recapped it, because the first time I just stared at the screen going “huh?”

Our mystery leading lady (Wang JiWon) is walking along a bridge, a bag in hand and the sound of jazz in the background. Our leading man, Ahn YoungMo (Seo InGuk) is not walking… namely because he is currently in what seems to be a coma.

The woman, now in a building (with poor corridor lighting might I add), gets out a gun and starts pounding on a locked door, shouting for whoever is inside to open it. While the woman screams, cries, shouts and bangs, we see glimpses of a woman (her twin?) inside, who is casually applying makeup in front of several mirrors.

The door seems to magically unlock and our woman raises the gun:

“Why did you do that?!”

“You know better than me.”

Lowering the gun, the woman breaks into sobs.

screenshot_2016-04-05-17-35-33.pngMeanwhile, in the hospital, YoungMo’s monitor flat lines and we watch two staff hurry to his room. However, when they get there, he has gone.

Instead, he is outside trying to cross the road. Once the green man flashes and he realises he can ย go, we watch as he side starjumps (crab walks? it’s super cute either way!) across the road. A hand from a taxi hails him and we watch as he is driven to a deserted underground parking lot.

The driver (Lee YongNyeo) notes that it was hard to borrow a human’s body, but his seems quite nice. We then see in the mirror several other humans (bodies he has ‘occupied’ or bodies that have been occupied by his kind?).

In an envelope beside him are a watch and a pill/time capsule. He must take the pill before the alarm goes off on his watch, otherwise he won’t be able to return home (ahh so he is an alien). He will be like dust that doesn’t belong anywhere.

His mission is to find out why humans cry.

After being dropped off (in his snazzy new clothes) the driver explains to him that humans walk forward!

We then watch as he approaches a random woman (Hong KyungYun) on the street and bluntly asksย “why do humans cry?” The woman calls him an ‘alien bastard’ and asks if he wants to be punched with her flyers and cry for himself. A grin appears and asks if humans cry when they are punched. The woman hits him and tells him to get lost! (Ha!)

Walking along the bridge from the opening, our alien ponders on the fact that he only has one day to find out why humans cry and doesn’t know where to look. He then stops when he sees our leading lady stood by the railing ahead of him, crying.

“Found it.”

Additional Comments:

This was a really interesting opening episode and there is definitely an abundant amount of intrigue here as we basically know nothing about what is going on, well I don’t that’s for sure! haha ^^”

Sometimes I felt that the shots could have been less random and some of the instrumental pieces in this episode were just a tad strange for me…

However, I am definitely interested to keep watching!!

But to be honest, do these aliens not know about the internet? :p

Thank you for reading~


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