*We Broke Up* Episode 4 Recap!

*Twenty-Three, Twenty-Six*

It’s Sunday and that means drama recap time~

Episode 4 was quite a fun episode and focused more on WooRi which, happily for me, involves a lot of that cutie HyunWoo ♥

It turns out that HyunWoo wasn’t just trying to help WooRi, in fact he needs the same book (he is also surprised by why she needs it, is his reason the same?). They sit down at a study table and start to “playfully” get the book into their hands. WooRi begins to beg him for it and tries to use the ‘classmate’ excuse for getting what she wants. When that doesn’t work she opts for embarrassing him with her dance! This doesn’t quite do the trick, but HyunWoo has an idea and says that for both of them to get the book, they need to spend the night together.

Meanwhile, WonYoung is happy but stunned at the good response he gets from the crowd after finishing his song. After coming off the stage, WonYoung suggests they go home to drink as a celebration. From the rig balcony where NaNi has been watching, her supervisor comes to congratulate her, but NaNi looks rather disappointed when she notices WonYoung leaving.

Back at the library, the pair have found a spot to share the book for exactly 5 minute turns. Surprising HyunWoo with ‘rock, paper, scissors’ WooRi gains the first 5 minutes. HyunWoo smiles at her energy.

However, that energy does not keep as we see WooRi succumb to sleep! (With her face in the book! And she is mumbling about the food she wants! Ha!). HyunWoo looks over at the work she has done and isn’t impressed by her messy and rather ugly work.

WooRi’s dream has changed from feeding herself to seeing WonYoung singing. She calls his name several time, speaking out loud in her sleeping state. However, she is awoken by a professor moaning that she has drooled all over a shared book (eewww so much drool!). He reminds her of her interview and she jumps up, and starts fussing over packing her things. This jolts HyunWoo awake who goes over to her and puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

i can't get over hyundong's trouser legging thingsWonYoung is also waking up now after a night of, what seems, some intense drinking! In a half lucid state he calls out to WooRi, saying that he “killed it yesterday” and gets so frustrated at not getting a reply he wakes himself fully! He goes to her room and is saddened by seeing it empty.

Meanwhile, WooRi and HyunWoo are on his scooter, rushing to get to the interview. As they get there her name is being called by someone who HyunWoo looks very similar to WooRi (It’s Park SangHyun, aka Cheondung aka her brother). The pair comically don’t see the resemblance!

Inside the interview room, WooRi is confused at her PowerPoint not being hers… and starts to stumble over her words. JoAh – the harsh director – butts in and tells her to hurry up. YeonWoo – the company president’s son – is bored and asks to her to show a special talent otherwise he wants a lunchbreak. WooRi goes straight into her mask dance! YeonWoo (who is rather sluggish) likes her energy and goes to hire her, but JoAh has a differing opinion.

When trying to close her powerpoint, music starts playing and she realises that HyunWoo is the one who created it. She gets a new burst of motivation to carry on and YeonWoo allows for it.

“This the ‘Duet of Youth’ “.

As WooRi leaves the room, HyunWoo’s name is called and he comes over in a adorable costume which matches his ‘fighting’ attitude~ WooRi is shocked (I love how she and Cheondeong look at him!).

victory hahaNaNi pays a visit to WonYoung while he is working and later we see him thinking over what she told him (while casually eating a banana). NaNi proposes that she can help him succeed with what he is good at and invites him and his bandmates to a meeting tomorrow. Suddenly he exclaims in excitement and hands his uniform over to the other employee, who is rather confused and calls out quietly that WonYoung needs to pay for the banana (Ha!).

that's a strange place to sitEvening has arrived and WooRi and HyunWoo is sitting outside at the top of some steps. WooRi thanks him for helping her and he says it was nothing, as he playfully lists all the things he did. WooRi says she will repay him when she gets hired.

HyunWoo then asks her if she has a boyfriend, and WooRi explains that they broke up a while ago (he wouldn’t know as he was in the army for what I assume was his compulsory 2 years~). He asks why, and WooRi explains that they just broke up naturally. Here she draws the line and tells him his chance to ask her anything has passed.

We then get a different viewpoint of the night that WonYoung played at the university gathering, as we see HyunWoo watching WooRi entranced by WonYoung’s playing, his expression upset.

WonYoung is walking home and happily chatting to himself in true kdrama fashion. After the music deal is made he plans on moving and wonders whether he should get WooRi a goodbye present. This idea he suddenly dismisses, but then as quickly gets back on board with it because of all she has done for him.

He stops and hides when he notices HyunWoo and WooRi (who had been singing the “love your classmate” song) stop outside the house. He looks on in shock and disappointment when he thinks that the pair are kissing, when in fact HyunWoo is simply brushing something out of her hair.

Additional Comments:

I was pretty conflicted during this entire episode on the romance side (which arguably is most of it!). I felt that WooRi and WonWoung (though WooRi especially) still have feelings for each other and this is evident in the little things, such as WooRi dreaming about him singing and her calling his name. And then with WonYoung it is more, sort of unknown to him (if that makes sense), such as him calling out her name when being drunk and wanting her to know that he did well and of course the big thing is the fact that he was clearly uncomfortable at the end when he thought that HyunWoo and WooRi were kissing.

However, WooRi and HyunWoo are absolutely adorable and he seems to really care for her and there is a playfulness about them. I think the reason he may have given up music was because she didn’t respond to it in the same way as she did with WonYoung that night, maybe? Just a thought. But seriously, they are so cute and she keeps doing the “mask dance” (I think that’s what she called it) when she is around him which is hilarious!

With WonYoung and NaNi, I am a little more unsure whether I like it or not. I think that there is more of a business relationship there, and nothing more, at the moment. Whenever he sees her he doesn’t seem to want to be there, unless she mentions money of course!

About the plot, I thought it was a pretty fun and hilarious episode with a little bit of character development which is great! I’m still not sure what WooRi does, maybe marketing, I guess, but it doesn’t take away how funny that interview scene was! The deadpan boss’ son was so funny! I do think that we are taking a turn into more serious things, however, I am worried that it may do an I Order You and go overboard and lose it’s quirkiness and fun in the process. But I will not let those thoughts deny me of carrying on! I do wish these episodes had previews though.

Also, I am falling so much more in love with SeungYoon’s voice! This isn’t really relevant but I am so excited for WINNER’s comeback! ♥

Thank you for reading~


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