*We Broke Up* Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 is here and complete! As I said in my blog update on Monday, there was a chance that this would be posted before Saturday and here it is, on Friday evening! Look at me being early… ^^”

This episode was a lot better! I’m back on board and excited to see what happens next! ^^ Also, I feel a little stupid for only realising now, that they are using SeungYoon’s actual solo song ‘Wild and Young’ for The Band I Don’t Know’s (WonYoung’s band) performances!

*Connection Between Coincident And Relationship*

The morning has arrived and WonYoung is dreaming of a hip-hop version of the guy who gave him the job the previous night (who happens to be dancing around and miming to I’m Him by bandmate Mino ^^). Having been startled awake, the man is before him and the music is coming from NaNi’s phone.

WonYoung picks up and starts to argue with NaNi who demands to know why he has her phone, not realising she forgot it at the shop. She then tells him to bring it to her, and only when she offers to pay him $300 to do so, does he shoot out of the shop asking where she is! (who pays that much?! She could get a new phone for that!).

Meanwhile, WooRi is at the dinner table with the rest of the house residents, who are happily digging into the feast left by Mr Cha (who is on the balcony… his little bubbles say that he is sorry and that he will make the money soon and be back). HyunDong angers WooRi by telling her that WonYoung hasn’t returned since last night and insinuating that she cares. This gets him a lecture and a face full of rice (Ewww! WooRi don’t speak with your mouth full!!). 

While the rest start chatting amongst themselves, WooRi looks over and recalls a cute scene of her and WonYoung from the past. It was when they made a promise not to stay out all night (as she had been pulling all nighters at the library) and that he would take care of her if times were hard.

HyunDong tells her to give him a call if she is worried and get another face full of rice (eww. this does not get any more pleasant…). She storms of and in the next scene she is in the club room contemplating whether or not she should care to call him. She decides not to, instead she begins to throw darts at the board full of couple photos!

Jimin is shocked by the dart slamming into the board next to the door as she comes in (wine glass and bottle in hand as usual haha) and the pair talk about dating. Jimin is once shocked, but this time by the fact that WooRi assumes that she is single. WooRi comes to the conclusion that she is going to succeed and buy up all the men!

WonYoung has reached the theatre/television station (?) and when NaNa phones him she playfully tells him to look for the most attractive and tallest woman. She walks over to him, takes her phone out of his hands, tells him to wait where he is and then rushes off.

WonYoung is taken aback and wants his money, but more importantly he wants his phone! He rushes after her, but apparently her long legs mean he loses her. Instead he hears the start of the Youth Concert and walks through a door on the rigging balcony (is that the right phase?).

The Executive Producer (EP) comes into the dressing room and NaNa sets down WonYoung’s phone as she had been happily watching a video of him and the Band I Don’t Know (this gets more lame the more I hear it haha!). The EP praises her for getting a contract sign and the two are playful and friendly as NaNa takes the praise. However, the good mood is interrupted as the band that NaNa has prepared, AchJa won’t be coming as they had an argument in the car on the way to the venue and have broken up!

While they are stressing about what to do, NaNa looks down at WonYoung’s phone.

Meanwhile, WooRi is once again wondering whether or not she should call WonYoung. She decides not to, but that pesky touch screen causes her to “accidentally” press call. WooRi is shocked but happy to hear that his ringtone is the song he wrote for her, but her happiness is shattered when a woman (NaNa) answers the phone. WooRi quickly hangs up and chastises herself for even calling.

i don't know whose expression is more hilariousHyunWoo, who was walking by, stops to tie his shoelace and is hidden by the wall (also he placed a drink on the wall and in her rage WR just picked it up and drank it!! That is not sanitary or safe people!) and remains unseen by WooRi even when he stands. This is because WooRi gets some exciting news that she has passed a round of a competition. We get to see WooRi show off her odd moves as she happily dances around before happily skipping off to the library. HyunWoo watches her go and smiles, his confusion turning into affection.

WonYoung is pretending to play the guitar while listening to the band on stage is a surprised when he notices that NaNi has found him. She wants him to go somewhere with her, but WonYoung doesn’t want to. NaNi then threatens that he won’t get his phone back and annoys him by divulging the fact that she saw a video on it of him performing with his band.

She then introduces herself properly, giving the name of the company she works for: Mars Music. NaNi asks if he want to earn more than $300 and leaves to take a phonecall. WonYoung is a little torn, but follows after her.

While in the waiting room, and as WonYoung tunes a guitar he asks NaNi if she is always busy and continues with:

She is about to say something however, HyunDong and ShimHoon rush into the dressing room. WonYoung asks them how they got here so quickly and HyunDong says:

“When there is music, this handsome man Joon HyunDong who is in charge of visuals must also be there.”

(I would like to point out that 1. I love this man, he is hilarious and 2. when he entered the room he slipped over! And not too gracefully either haha!).

NaNi and (everyone HA) ignores him and she asks WonYoung if they have ever performed at a venue, he tells her to sing if she is so worried. HyunDong then tries to chat her up and gets ignored again. He doesn’t seem to mind and expresses to WonYoung that she isn’t his style!

The group are then called to the stage, whereby two of HyunDong’s questions (about where he was last night and who NaNi is) are unanswered.

The group go onto the stage and are greeted with silence, which is made more awkward by HyunDong’s cheer.

Meanwhile, WooRi has reached the library and she is looking for the reference book ‘Sound of Youth’ which she needs for the competition.

At the venue The Band I Don’t Know is hitting it off with the audience with Wild and Young and NaNi watches happily from the balcony.

At the library, WooRi is having trouble reaching the book she needs and HyunWoo helps, but WooRi, who is stood on the shelf becomes unbalanced and she falls into him.

NaNi ends the episode with the line:

“I’ve found him.” 

Additional Comments:

This was a lot better than the previous episode and I think it’s because we had more plot development and I’m pretty interested to see where this love square is actually headed. There were also several little things that were intriguing as well.

I like when there is progression in the drama and that is what we got with this episode. It wasn’t too fast, but several things happened. WonYoung’s is the most obvious, I mean he is on stage with his band at the end of the episode, but WooRi’s is one I don’t quite understand. What are the competitions that she is entering about? Or for? I feel like it would be interesting to see what she studies and then we would also know more about HyunWoo (he is such a cutie!).

Also, is Jimin learning to be an air hostess or something? And why does she always have a bottle of wine and a glass? And why was Mr Cha watching them eat his meal from the balcony and why do they not think it’s weird that he made them food and then left?! I always ask the important questions haha :p

Anyway, I am interested to see where this is going and how the relationships enfold, especially as WooRi definitely still has strong lingering feelings for WonYoung and he seems to have some as well. Although I’m pretty much okay with WonYoung/NaNi and WooRi/HyunWoo because they seem to be pairings I can totally get on board with! I just don’t want anyone to be sad at the end, *cough* second lead male *cough*.

Thank you for reading~


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