*We Broke Up* Episode 2 Recap

‘Things That Must Be Settled When Breaking Up’.

This was a pretty disappointing 2nd episode, especially as I enjoyed the first one so much. However, there is still a little glimpse in promise for this drama to be fun, quirky and enjoyable!

Also, shirtless SeungYoon awaits you in this recap haha :p

This rather poetic moment is then shattered by WonYoung slipping onto his back because of KkotDongi’s food. He yells as WooRi that she put it there on purpose and repeatedly says that his back hurts, but gains no sympathy, rather WooRi kicks him while he is down! She tells him to leave, but he refuses.

Later in the day, WonYoung has given his fellow bandmates and share house residents, orders to make as much noise outside WooRi’s door. This was a big mistake. WooRi has several money issues that she is reminded of in her room and she also finds out she has failed to advance in a competition.

Because of this she comes out:

“You guys decided to open the door to hell today.”

She then starts to attack HyunDong (the drummer) with what appears to be a tennis racket, but it gains electric power and zaps him! WonYoung comes out of the bathroom and feigns disappointment at her not liking their song.

WooRi acts shy at his lack of shirt, but goes into a rant that she acknowledges his never-ending confidence (and even tries to take his towel haha!). He becomes defensive, but WooRi doesn’t let up as she shouts that he should stop doing petty things to annoy her as she has enough worries.

Their argument is interrupted by an extremely annoyed 3rd year, JungNam, who is trying to study. He has tolerated it so far, but he shouts at them for not behaving like humans! Other housemates come down to get him, but before he goes up, he threatens to spread rumours about them if they don’t live quietly! (Ha!).

HyunDong apologises for them, but once the JungNam is gone, he gives them a lecture as well, and comes up with the solution of making a contract (and then ShimHoon electrocutes him with the racket again hahaa!).

oooh burnThe two fire out rules, that include ‘no going into each others rooms’ and ‘no exposure (aka no nakedness which is a rule I wouldn’t impose haha!)‘. When HyunDong is about to settle things, WonYoung comes out with a final suggestion, that they don’t interfere with each other’s love life. Everyone is rather shocked, but WooRi hides hers by saying that she doesn’t care if he dates or even marries someone!

And thus the contract is laid out and stuck all around the house. If one of them breaks a rule, they have to leave without complaint.

WonYoung is out and the door to his practice studio (I’m assuming that’s what it is) has a rent overdue notice on the door. He calls his mother, who turns from sweet to not-so-sweet when he asks for money (she even tells him not to call haha). 

As he walks past a newsagents, he notes the sign for part-time worker needed and heads in. The member of staff inside hands him his uniform and walks out, saying he will tell the boss!

True on that staff members words that WonYoung looks like he has done this job before, WonYoung shows that he probably has, as she gets to work on lots of little jobs around the shop with no guidance needed.

The evening has come around, the drunk man WonYoung had to deal with is fast asleep and now he sits at the counter looking through his camera roll of him and WooRi.

A customer walks in, NaNi (who we briefly saw in the previous episode) and is arguing with someone on the phone about a recording. She pays for her drink with her credit card, and while WonYoung is dealing with the now awake drunk man, she downs one and then leaves. However, she takes the wrong phone off of the counter.

Meanwhile, back at the share house, WooRi is not happy. She tells herself to get a hold of herself and that it shouldn’t matter if he dates because it’s over between them anyway.

The episode ends with WooRi cuddling up to KkotDongi, NaNi looking exhausted (and maybe ill) as she tries to hail a taxi, and WonYoung looking unsure of what to do (erm maybe instead of just standing there go out and exchange phones?!).

the one time the phones haven't been samsungs

Additional Comments:

This was short episode, standing at around 10 minutes, and I will admit it was kind of overwhelming with scene changes, but rather underwhelming with the content.

This episode basically seems like a small interval to bring in the idea that they can’t interfere if the other starts dating, because of the contract. And to be honest that was the main point on that contract, even if it was added last. It shows that WonYoung is thinking more of the future, whereas even though WooRi was all for the point, in her own room she seemed disappointed and upset that he was thinking about dating so quickly.

But, I did find it interesting that WonYoung was scrolling through pictures of him and WooRi on his phone while he was working. Which comes to why the pair broke up, why did they?!

And then of course, this middling ground where they have set ground rules for how they have to live life in the shared house now, leads us to NiNa taking his phone instead of her own from the counter. And thus the love square makes its way to coming into being (as I assume HyunWoo will come in soon as well).

The comedy and effects were still pretty evident, but I blame the length really for the underwhelming feel this episode has. Even a shirtless SeungYoon didn’t make up for it! I wouldn’t mind if there were more episodes, but there are only 10, so I feel like all time should be used wisely.

Thank you for reading~



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