*We Broke Up* Episode 1 Recap

This was a great opening episode where we got a great overview of the relationship and breakup, all in one swift go. The production values are pretty high (in my opinion and for a webdrama), which makes sense as this is a collaboration between OnStyle and YGK+.

We open with Noh WooRi (Sandara Park) and Ji WonYoung (Kang SeungYoon), walking down a path, both singing about how great it is to be together. However, when WooRi stops, WonYoung doesn’t notice until he is a distance away. He stops, looks up at her, and they both say “Let’s break up.”

even like this dara is prettier than my bestWe then turn back 3 years to a Univeristy Campus with the delights of Spring to offer. However, over all this we hear WooRi’s discontent with the season as she is always tired and restless in this period.

Her musings and her sleep are interrupted by Jimin walking in (to what I would say was a club/society prep room (?)) and shouting at her. Jimin starts to manhandle and even gives her kick up the butt after she dragged her to the floor (friendship! haha). WooRi is left in peace as Jimin stops to take an incoming call.

Jimin is not interested in going to a party (as she is a senior and it’s a party to welcome hoobaes), but WooRi heard party and moved like a bullet from the sofa to the door.

someone's in love~The party is more of a buffet to be quite honest, which WooRi is taking full advantage off! Jimin is bored and wants to see some males, so she shouts that one should get on stage. She then blames that order on WooRi.

WonYoung, who is at another table forces his friends to get up on stage with him and the band begin to perform. At first WooRi is only interested in her chicken, but ends up walking to the front and staring at him lovingly (even little hearts pop out of her face ♥) and she announces in voiceover that ‘spring has finally arrived for her too’.

Jimin is shocked to find out at a time after this event that the pair are dating. Then we are gifted a rather cute montage of couple moments, which leads us through time as we see WooRi strive to help WonYoung’s band and their feelings grow.

WonYoung wishes to see WooRi everyday and see her being happy. Thus he gives himself the upsetting task of selling his beloved guitar: ShiRo.

People coming out of the guitar shop walk into him and WonYoung checks on his guitar. One of the people, Yoon NiNa (Kang SeungHyun) stops and asks if he plays music, saying that she can come see him anytime and for him to do his best.

The pair are at the house and at first WooRi is super happy at sharing a house with WonYoung, but is it a little upset that he sold his guitar. WonYoung just smiles and says that he is happy that he can spend everyday with his muse. They go to kiss and I’m kind of glad Mr. Cha interrupted them (it looked awkward… and wow he pushed her away in surprise and she landed on the floor!).

Mr Cha is the owner of the shared housed and he invites them to the group meal in the kitchen.

It’s a new day and WooRi is on a mission to get WonYoung’s guitar back. She is happy to discover that the owner of the shop is not present, but a sales assistant who happens to be one of her classmates, HyunSoo… ah no HyunWoo (she got it right by the end without him reminding her haha).

WooRi goes through several strategies, such as asking her classmate for a discount, dancing (or something along those lines…), repeating ‘what should I do?’ a lot, and begging.

In the end, a triumphant WooRi leaves with ShiRo singing the line ‘come back home’ ♥ HyunWoo had no hope (and his crush on her didn’t help the outcome!).

On the steps of their new home, WonYoung is super happy to see his guitar, while WooRi tells him not to give away his precious things because of her.

WonYoung promises that he will start writing songs about her from now on and starts to sing about how they first met. Even though they thought they would be together forever, we return to the university club room where Jimin is shocked (but oddly excited) to hear WooRi and WonYoung have broken up.

WooRi is adamant that this is the end and even tells Jimin that she already gave notice to leave to Mr Cha last week. However, a call from the broker, Yoo SunWoong, disrupts those plans.

She meets him outside the house and is upset to learn she (and after several moments WonYoung) can’t leave the house because Mr Cha used the house as security to get a loan. He is also MIA on a island with no signal, so SunWoong believes they will have to wait at least 6 months before they get their deposit back.

SunWoong doesn’t understand the pairs annoyance at having to live together, as the house has the cheapest rent in the neighbourhood. He then quickly escapes when the pair start arguing.

The episode ends with a staredown and voiceover:

“In that spring when everything was starting all over. We broke up.”


Additional Comments:

The thing I noticed most about this opening episode, was how many people they kind of just shoved at you. However, even though from watching this episode through, I only knew 2 peoples names, which was obviously WooRi and then HyunWoo because of the cute and funny way his name was introduced. However, I didn’t feel like it was greatly overwhelming because you didn’t need to know everyone’s name at this point (although I probably should have remembered WonYoung… ah well it’s only episode 1!) and they included cute little visual nametags ^^

As well as the nametags there were lots of little sound and visual effects. I thought this added to the cuteness at the beginning and then when things starting going downhill for our couple, it helped the quirkiness of everything.

On our main couple, I thought that Dara did an alright job! I thought she was cute and she interacted well with everyone, although the near kiss scene was hopefully not what to expect from any that occur later on *fingers crossed*. It just looked incredibly awkward! I’m not really sure about SeungYoon’s acting yet, because to be honest he didn’t really do much, but the episode was only about 15 mins, and from what I saw I didn’t mind.

For the second leads we only slightly glimpsed them in passing and I am assuming they will be good, mainly because they are part of YGK+ which is for the actors and models signed to YG (right?).

This is incredibly quirky and I love the elements of song in this episode and I’m assuming and hoping that continues. SeungYoon has a great voice and it works very nicely with Dara’s sweet voice. Also, keep the 2NE1 references coming! And I’m hoping for some WINNER references as well!

So far I’m excited to see what happens next, in what I am hoping will be a super fun and quirky drama ♥

pretty opening picture

Thank you for reading~




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