I Order You (Episode 15) Recap~

Thank the heavens for the side characters and YunHo’s face because those are the only things making this drama bearable at the moment.


SongJoo is home and is surprised to not find SongAh, especially as DoekHee informed him that she was sick.

He finds a note on the living room table from SongAh, telling him she has gone to visit their mother and she will be back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, SongAh is doing some deep thinking on a beach. Her mother calls out to her and SongAh apologises, saying she was wrong for calling her that evening. That if she hadn’t whined on the phone (and been very demanding) and just waited, then the accident wouldn’t have happened.

SongAh’s mother tells her that it’s no-one’s fault. That it is just life and life is unforeseeable. SongAh’s mother tells her not to cry anymore and that she is not at fault, so she can stop hating herself.

SongAh is upset when her mother disappears, but she looks more at peace.

SongJoo visits FLada and only after he punches GookDae in the face does he apologise! SongJoo wants to know if he and SongAh have broken up or man to man chatwill break up, but GookDae says that hasn’t happened and then doesn’t think it is right for SongAh’s younger brother to ask these questions.

However, SongJoo isn’t here as her younger sibling, but her guardian (this kid was such a jerk and now look at him!). Having heard from DoekHee that SongAh seems to be living as though she has no reason to live and that there was a reappearance of his ex-wife (SongJoo makes a sort of joke about how he feels like he is in a melodrama haha~), SongJoo just wants GookDae to go to SongAh and sort things out.

Outside, SooRi is trying to eavesdrop, but BiRyong starts counting and SooRi stops. He tells BiRyong he is worried that GookDae may get hit as SongJoo is a bodyguard (you’re too late SooRi!).

Their conversation gets cut short when DaHwa and SooRi’s girlfriend walk over. BiRyong thanks them for picking up their ingredients order.

Soon after their arrival, SongJoo excuses himself and leaves (SooRi gets jealous when his girlfriend calls SJ attractive haha~).

GookDae, with coat in hand, is about to leave his room, but DaHwa comes in to block his exit. She asks if he is going to SongAh, reminding him that it was her that ran away. He calls her out for doing the same, but she refuses to acknowledge that she ran, but made a sacrifice.

He tells her to make another sacrifice and move, but she doesn’t. Having been told about SongAh’s mother by BiRyong, she doesn’t think the two are ill-fated, but that she is jealous as GookDae will never forget SongAh. She thinks they must be fated.

DaHwa asks why it couldn’t be her, even though she loves him so much. GookDae tells her she knows the answer and then walks past her out of the room.

Back on the beach, SongAh gets a text from SongJoo threatening to report her as a runaway if she doesn’t come home soon. Instead of replying, she listens to the recorded message of GookDae she took. She turns to see GookDae, who called her name.

The message continues and this scene on the beach highlights his promise to always find her.

As they stare out at the ocean, SongAh apologises about SongJoo, but GookDae says that he is relieved and was waiting for someone to hit him. He asks SongAh to give him another chance, that he will make everything the way it was. However, SongAh turns him down, saying that she doesn’t love him (this scene is less intense because of some loud birds in the background!).

GookDae is adamant that she is lying and asks for her real feelings, she tells him that she loves her mother more than him. And even though GookDae says he will accept everything and do whatever it takes to change her mind, SongAh says that she doesn’t want a fate tied with his.

SongAh then tells GookDae that they should break up (neither of them wanted to see the other again in the last episode and you’re telling me they are still dating?!). 

GookDae says:

And ends with:

“We’ll probably break up one day. But, that day is not today.” 

GookDae walks away and SongAh continues to cry. However, once GookDae gets a few feet away he stops, thinks for a few moments and then turns back to pull her into his arms.


Additional Comments:

SongJoo to the rescue!! He was the saving grace of this episode because he got GookDae off his butt, even if it technically wasn’t GookDae who needs the kick the up butt. *sigh* but sometimes it’s up to the person who wasn’t in the wrong to reconcile the situation, even if it stresses and annoys me.

And I don’t understand why SongAh is saying these things… does she want him to move on because of what DaHwa said about her being the guilty one and not having the right to make his heart waver? I hate when leads don’t talk to each other about things and just play martyr for no apparent reason… that is why GookDae and DaHwa are not together!

I’m a little apprehensive about how the writers have made the two get back together in the next, and final, episode, mainly just because of time. These episodes are short and I’m worried it will seem rushed and inevitably make all the angst I’ve had to sit through pointless and not really worth it.

Fingers crossed the last episode will have more of the same flavour that the early episodes did (flavour… get it? a food joke… he’s a chef… haha ^^” this is why I have no friends…).

I swear the side characters do more talking that the mains! BiRyong and DaHwa are literally chat buddies and I think that BiRyong is in love with DaHwa. He is so understanding and open with her, he even smiles when she appears and tries to make her more comfortable when the situation is somewhat awkward for her. Maybe BiRyong could mellow her out and bring some happiness and cuteness out~

I miss Kevin. Like, really miss Kevin. I get that he has nothing really to do with the plot anymore, but I miss Kevin. haha ^^”

Thank you for reading~



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