Go Princess Go! Ep 15 || Recap

This palace needs more guards! haha~ Peng Peng and 9th bro meet outside the toilets. Peng Peng sees that someone has put up big and clear signs for the genders. Apparently, 9th bro being in charge of palace internal affairs has a lot to with the toilets (and doesn’t want anyone to do a Peng…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Ep 15 || Recap

I Order You (Episode 15) Recap~

Thank the heavens for the side characters and YunHo’s face because those are the only things making this drama bearable at the moment.   SongJoo is home and is surprised to not find SongAh, especially as DoekHee informed him that she was sick. He finds a note on the living room table from SongAh, telling…… Continue reading I Order You (Episode 15) Recap~

Heart to Heart (Episode 15)~

This episode, again was full of emotion, but thankfully near the end we get to see our beloved pairing get some of their former selves back. Before this happens though, you have to wade through sadness and your building frustration at the elders involved. 02:33 – Oh my god. So that’s what really happened. Hong…… Continue reading Heart to Heart (Episode 15)~