Heart to Heart (Episode 15)~

This episode, again was full of emotion, but thankfully near the end we get to see our beloved pairing get some of their former selves back. Before this happens though, you have to wade through sadness and your building frustration at the elders involved.

02:33 – Oh my god. So that’s what really happened. Hong Do had nothing to do with that fire. It was the father’s fault, he set the fire. But why does the mother blame Hong Do? She was there.

05:10 – Now the grandfather seems to be coming back to normal and feeling sorry for Hong Do and Yi Suk, but I still can’t get over the fact that he caused this mess, if he hadn’t sat down with the both of them and explained when he first found out, it wouldn’t be like this. Plus I have a definite feeling that he knows she isn’t to blame at all.

05:57 – It looks like Hong Do has regressed… and is she eating raw ramen?!? that can’t be good for you, right?

10:40 – Really grandfather, you have no idea why she is acting like a robot? Maybe it has something to do with the fact the fact that you and your daughter in law basically blamed her for Il Suk’s death and then Yi Suk broke up with her.

You are starting to care again because you have a guilty conscience.

15:22 – Male bonding!! I love that Yi Suk and Det. Jang actually do have an okay relationship. It’s an odd one, but I like it. I’m also pleased that Det. Jang is realising that what’s best for Hong Do is Yi Suk and is even a little worried about Yi Suk himself.

On a side note, I wish Se Ro and Yi Suk would actually answer the question about the lighter! Why can’t they confront this head on? It’s obviously important.



I’m dying a little inside. He misses her so much T.T

18:42 – I love Yi Suk and Se Ro’s sibling relationship. Se Ro can’t leave though! I hate seeing her hurt and her leaving is going to hurt Yi Suk even more than he is now.

20:20 – Hong Do has been going to the clinic at night… my poor baby!! She is not coping well with this at all. It’s sweet (sort of) but so heartbreaking.

22:57 – ‘Why would you apologise?’ – YAH!! Yi Suk’s father, you need to tell him… It’s a hard thing to do, but you need to do it.

26:53 – How Hong Do is living now is so heartbreaking. She has barely any food and is depressed. It’s a good thing that she accidentally left evidence of her being at the clinic so Yi Suk is starting to ask questions about her.

Also, Se Ro is so sweet, she really cares about Hong Do ♥

28:06 – Noooo don’t leave Det. Jang!! Det. Yang was totally onto something about the lighter…

On a side note: Det. Yang now has a girlfriend?! At least one character is doing well I suppose haha~

32:50 – Why does the grandfather think that just ignoring the truth is going to make everything better? It’s really starting to make me angry that he isn’t doing anything about this. Everyone is suffering right now and some of this mess could be sorted if you just told the truth.

And I hate how the grandfather keeps saying that he wishes Hong Do would come back to her senses, it’s basically his fault that she is this way. He didn’t take her mental health into account at all during this situation and she is obviously suffering from depression right now.



This is so sad. Hong Do didn’t know notice that he was in the room when she arrived and he is even talking to her, but she doesn’t seem to see or hear him.

38:08 – So she now has a fear of fire? and she thinks she is hallucinating hearing Yi Suk (which I’m not sure if it really was him talking…) so she thought he was a hallucination at the clinic?

39:12 – I think her “hallucinating” Yi Suk has made her fight come back. She seems to want to do better now. Hong Do fighting!!!

39:47 – So the reason she wasn’t cooking wasn’t because of depression but because she is scared of fire now?!

40:08 – Yi Suk is so scared and worried for Hong Do that it is breaking my heart. T.T

41:45 – Wow okay I thought I was hurting, but now I hurt even more. Yi Suk got on his hand and knees and told his grandfather to kill him, that he couldn’t breathe and that he was sorry.

And Se Ro overhear/saw T.T

42:38 – Thank the writers for Se Ro, she is the only one who is willing to actually stand up and do something about this mess. She cares so much for her brother ♥

43:37 – Hong Do didn’t answer his message, so now he is going to her, right? Ahh Yi Suk is getting his butt in gear now as well!


He let himself in!! Go Yi Suk!!

The way Hong Do reacted though, that hurt. She is taking not seeing him and him not seeing her (in the state that she(?)) very literally and she got hysterical when she realised that he was actually there, in her home.

47:47 – Det. Jang you basically just told Se Ro not to practice forgetting about the person she likes. Which is you. Hurry up and admit that you have fallen for Se Ro!

48:48 – Is Det. Jang just going to sit in his car until she wakes up?! He totally likes her.


Yi Suk has fully returned!!!! He is so right, they avoided it, they broke up, but that didn’t work and caused them so much pain. It’s better for both of them to be together ♥


Just kiss or hug already!!! I need this couple to happen and we only have a little of this episode and then 1 more left until the end. I need more cute moments with these two!!

54:35 – Det. Jang better go to that airport if it comes to it.

57:56 – The truth is out that the father started the fire and the grandfather looks like he is going to have a heart attack and Yi Suk’s mother (who no-one has noticed yet) looks like she is going to have a breakdown.

58:47 – The mother knew all this time and still blamed Hong Do?! WHAT?!!

That ending, my heart hurts and the preview for the next episode looks like its going to continue that way for a little while *sighs*

We had so much fun and love for so long, that the last few episodes have had a bigger punch to them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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