Go Princess Go! Ep 15 || Recap

This palace needs more guards! haha~

Picture1Peng Peng and 9th bro meet outside the toilets. Peng Peng sees that someone has put up big and clear signs for the genders. Apparently, 9th bro being in charge of palace internal affairs has a lot to with the toilets (and doesn’t want anyone to do a Peng Peng and go into the wrong onehaha~). Because of the smell, they move to a nearby garden. Peng Peng reveals that ‘he’ isn’t pregnant and that Ying Yue is. He knew the latter and they discuss how if the child is male, they will contact the generals, public officials and royal relatives who won’t accept such immorality of Sheng.

Picture2Later in the evening, Ying Yue calls for Peng Peng to visit her. They talk about Sheng and Ying Yue brings up a portrait that he painted for her. Ying Yue is happy (but doesn’t want to brag… uh-huh) to discover that Peng Peng doesn’t have one.

We then find out that the painting isn’t so special. The other wives are gossiping about how Ying Yue’s picture has gone missing, and that they all have one. They visit Peng Peng with the shocking news that Ying Yue is accusing ‘him’ of stealing her portrait.

Lu Li, upset that Peng Peng doesn’t have a portrait, tries to get information from Eunuch Qiang. He can only tell her that Sheng is arranging an investigation, and he relieves her worry by saying that most people have a portrait by Sheng (Qiang even has one!).


Sheng meets with 9th bro to give him the role of investigator, insinuating that 9th bro has a lot of free times with the simple tasks he has.

This means we see Yang Yang use his skills to sneak into Peng Peng’s room, where he finds the missing portrait (and a stash of viagra!). We see another person watching him, who we find out is someone paid to plant the portrait by Ying Yue.

Picture6The next morning, Peng Peng and Lu Li are playing in the garden and 9th bro and Yang Yang visit (they are holding pinkies! ♥). While 9th bro is trying to be discreet, Yang Yang blurts out what he found. Peng Peng is angry, but even angrier when Lu Li goes to check and finds the portrait.

9th bro is willing to ignore the findings, but Peng Peng tells him to talk to Sheng now.


Sheng is angry that 9th bro has brought Peng Peng to him, as he already has information from a spy of the planting of the portrait in Peng Peng’s palace. He knows this whole business is Ying Yue’s doing. Peng Peng tells him to be lenient with Ying Yue (why, I’m still not sure – I might be dumb… haha).

After the meeting, 9th bro confides in Peng Peng that this investigation was a way of showing how useless 9th bro is and that Sheng is the only person Peng Peng can rely on. Despite these worries, Peng Peng remains loyal to him, saying that 9th bro is a trustworthy friend.


Peng Peng goes to visit the other wives who are giggling over their portraits. According to Peng Peng, they are shit (I think they are adorable haha).

Meanwhile, Ying Yue is upset to discover that Sheng isn’t coming to visit her. She then downs a bottle of alcohol (I’m assuming it’s alcohol otherwise this is some dramatic tea/water drinking haha :p).

Additional Thoughts:

This episode was mostly to show that Ying Yue is becoming more petty, while Sheng is becoming more aware of her behaviour. It also establishes that the pact between 9th bro and Peng Peng is strong.

I really hope that Peng Peng realises that 9th bro is right, in that Sheng is someone that ‘he’ can rely on.

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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