I Order You (Episode 10) Recap~

Saturday means I Order You time and here it is!! This was a packed episode with a lot of emotions. The writers are definitely amping up the tension and drama!

And I will say this now, having two leads who kiss each other makes a drama ten times better because I have seen some terrible kissing in dramaland! :p

The threeway stare is interrupted when SongAh excuses herself and hurries away. GookDae goes to follow her, but is briefly stopped by his “wife” (are they divorced or not? I’m still confused about that). However, only one person is on his mind.

The lift doors close before he can reach them and SongAh runs out into the pouring rain and frantically tries to flag down a taxi. Instead of doing that, SongAh nearly gets run over! But, thankfully GookDae pulls her to the safety of the pavement before anything can happen.

GookDae is furious at her for doing something so dangerous, which makes SongAh angry at being told what to do by him. Talk turns to the woman in the hospital and SongAh’s suspicions about her identity are correct. GookDae says that he won’t apologise anymore, and emphasises that the person he is in front of is her.

The mood is strained and both are definitely thinking hard behind their eyes, when suddenly a car drives past and a puddle soaks (and I mean soaks!) them even more. SongAh laughs, which makes GookDae a little incredulous, but he soon follows suit. The mood becomes a little more relaxed (seeing them both smile makes me so happy!!).

GookDae walks over to SongAh, who is sat in a covered outside area and hands her a coffee. She asks where his is, but he could only manage to carry one because of his arm. About his arm, we find out he has ‘tennis elbow’, which is apparently something a lot of chefs have trouble with (so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about him… I hope). 

Turn talks to how GookDae confessed but how he got covered in muddy water, SongAh says it’s what he deserved for giving her such a hard time. GookDae asks if it really was hard and SongAh tells him that she found it hard that he had a woman that he loved. However, this time, SongAh agrees that he is how he is right now and that he shouldn’t have to apologise for it.

The wonder what they should do now and SongAh says they will either succeed or fail. GookDae has this to say in response:

“You’re right. We might fail. But we should not be afraid of that. I think we shouldn’t lose the chance to be happy today.”

GookDae tells her not to run away anymore and SongAh tells him that he should hold on to her from now on. And he does just that, GookDae hugs her and then they share a sweet kiss.

However, GookDae’s “wife” is angry and upset as she watches them from afar.

In the office next day, SongAh and the rest of her team decide on which samples from FLada to have. The team are happy and so is SongAh as she packs up her papers.

i'll have youWhile on the roof having a break, she thinks happily about her kiss with GookDae. Kevin joins her and notes that the talk must have gone well. They chat about how it went (feelings wise, not details!) and Kevin says that he will welcome her into his arms if anything goes wrong. SongAh finds it a little awkward and announces that she needs to go to FLada to tell them about thelook at this adorable pumpkin samples (which he told her to do earlier).

Kevin remains playful and tells her to be strong, SongAh replies that she already is strong, but there is an element of friendliness in it. Kevin keeps smiling as she leaves, notes that she likes it now that she is smiling, but that it hurts his heart (this poor baby! I need him to find love elsewhere! He needs someone to treat him with the same love he has to give! I volunteer as tribute… I mean… what? :p)

SongAh has arrived at FLada, but is shocked to see GookDae’s “wife” behind the counter. The pair then sit down for some tea, where the “wife” introduces herself as Ah DaHwa (Goo JaeYee). The two awkwardly (more so on SongAh’s part) exchange business cards, whereby DaHwa tells her that she heard a lot about her from BiRyong.

awkwardDaHwa goes on to fill SongAh in on a few things about herself, that she just came back from Italy after studying there for three years and how she is going to officially open a restaurant soon. Turning to talk of FLada, DaHwa is surprised that GookDae hired SongAh to work for a while, but says she has a good feeling about SongAh (she is giving off really weird vibes…).

SongAh takes a sip and is shocked as it is very hot, DaHwa hands her a tissue and knows that SongAh is uncomfortable with her, but that she understands.

DaHwa then tells her that is doing a favour for BiRyong, that because of GookDae’s arm, help is needed to make sure the business stay afloat. DaHwa asks if it’s okay for her to help GookDae. SongAh, uncomfortably agrees that that is a good thing. DaHwa is pleased and tells her to visit the her restaurant when it opens.

SongAh timidly asks if it would be okay to go with GookDae and DaHwa’s expression turns a little dark. Before anything else can be said, GookDae comes in and happily calls SongAh’s name.

Once he notices DaHwa he stops, and while DaHwa tries to be friendly, he cuts her off. He clearly doesn’t want her to be there and even with the BiRyong favour story his mind doesn’t change. DaHwa is not to come to FLada without permission ever again.

GookDae then takes SongAh to the back room and tells her he didn’t know DaHwa was here. SongAh says she doesn’t mind, as she knows that she is the one he likes.

She continues:

“I won’t get lost again, because I like you, and you like me too. I don’t know what will happen to us in the future, but I want to be happy today.

Let’s start all over again.”

(Wasn’t this the gist of his speech from yesterday?)

SongAh asks if they are dating and GookDae informs her that of course they are, and this is the second day! SongAh then asks about the sample, as she is there on business, and if he will be able to make it. GookDae, high in spirits, tells her that he can because she asked.

He pulls her in for a hug and it seems as if they may kiss, however, she pushes him away (though very clearly happy!). He tells her they are dating, but that he needs to ask permission for hugs. SongAh nods and tells him it’s his punishment for making her meet his ex-wife (so they are divorced?).

While leaving, SongAh notices DaHwa’s uniform on the counter and looks to feel a little guilty. Just then BiRyong and SooRi come into the shop.

this is so cuteGookDae also comes out and BiRyong turns into a naughty schoolboy in front of a scolding GookDae. GookDae tells BiRyong that he doesn’t want DaHwa there for SongAh’s sake as they have decided to date now. BiRyong apologises, as he thought the only person who could replace GookDae was DaHwa. However, SongAh relates again, that she doesn’t mind.

But, GookDae does and he tells them that they will just do the orders that have been booked already and then close the shop for a while.

While SongAh is waiting at the bus stop, she changes his caller ID to “Yeo GookDae ♥”. Right on cue he then calls her to ask if it was really okay for him not to take her home, she says it’s difficult because of his arm and that he needs to rest. GookDae cutely responds that he needs to get better quickly! (all this cuteness is making me so happy!)

The call is cut short when SongAh’s bus arrives, but an incoming call from the “Republic of Korea” (… wait what? the country is calling her? :p) and is shocked to hear DaHwa’s voice.

DaHwa asks if SongAh has time to meet, and in the next scene we see SongAh meeting her in a cafe. DaHwa asks her when her and GookDae’s relationship started, but SongAh, not impressed by the situation, asks if she needs to answer that. DaHwa does not drop the subject and asks whether SongAh was trying to seduce GookDae from the beginning when she first started working at FLada.

DaHwa’s expression turns a little smug and she says that this is a long haul, meaning that DaHwa has no intention of just letting things go. DaHwa tells SongAh to get out of her position next to GookDae.

SongAh doesn’t take this threat to heart as she tells DaHwa that things have ended between them and he is in love with her now. DaHwa doesn’t think that SongAh is so confident as she asks why she looks at her with fear. SongAh still won’t waver (yes, you strong woman!).

DaHwa isn’t so sure that GookDae will and calls SongAh a ‘pitiful thing’. SongAh tells her that she is in his past, but DaHwa has a different opinion and the reason is in FLada itself. Her name is in it (erm that doesn’t mean he still loves you… that’s his business name, he can’t just change it now… this is a stupid reason to be worried SongAh!).

Additional Comments:

While I am super happy at SongAh and GookDae being happy and in love with each other now, I’m kind of not really interested anymore… It’s probably simply the mood I am in at the moment, what with the stress of exams next week and an essay I have yet to start… so next week I’m sure I will  be totally on board and immersed in all the drama. But right now, it seems like the drama is a little stupid.

I mean the poor guy can’t catch a break. His shop is a business and the name can’t just easily be changed, it’s his brand now. That may just be me, but if I was SongAh that would not get to me at all and I hope she just brushes it off.

The inclusion of DaHwa was inevitable and of course she was going to be someone who wasn’t going to be liked. I’m more interested in her relationship with BiRyong to be honest, they seem to be sort of close, but not at the same time. I mean she called him first.

Talking of BiRyong, the lack of the secondary characters is also upsetting for me. Maybe I should be watching something super cute and happy, with a lot of comic relief right now because of my mood haha ^^” I’m so sorry this is negative, but that will hopefully change next Saturday when I have left all my academic troubles behind and thrown myself in the Christmas holidays haha

From the preview there looks to be a lot of drama up ahead, which isn’t something new. The main leads are together, lets throw everything we can think of at them now! Hopefully some things with SongAh’s mother will be cleared up and more cute BiRyong and hilarious DoekHee! Oh and some Kevin/DoekHee love please! And the cute “bts” snippets at the end, I loved those.

Kevin is a sweet angel and I love him and he needs to be happy!!

Thank you for reading~


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