*We Broke Up* Episode 10 Recap (FINALE)

Spring Again

This is not one of the best dramas I have seen, but it’s been a rather consistent webdrama, which, in my short webdrama experience, has not been the norm.

Overall it had some great moments and I got a cute little second lead to add to my list ^^

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My Little Lover Episode 10 Recap โ™ฅ (Finale)

*Minami-Kun No Koibito* – Goodbye Chiyomi, Goodbye Minami-Kun

Today was not a good day in reality, so what a better way to be an adult than to delve into a recap all day~

It’s the last episode and it was so full of fluff and cuteness that I think I may have diabetes now haha~ :p

This episode was super cute and I wish there was more, but I am very content with how this crazy drama ended โ™ฅ

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I Order You (Episode 10) Recap~

Saturday means I Order You time and here it is!! This was a packed episode with a lot of emotions. The writers are definitely amping up the tension and drama!

And I will say this now, having two leads who kiss each other makes a drama ten times better because I have seen some terrible kissing in dramaland! :p

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