Go Princess Go! Episode 10 Recap

Decisions and revelations in this episode are going to cause problems in the future.

we need to see shirtless sheng more oftenLu Li is happily applying cucumber slices to Peng Peng’s face, while ‘he’ grumbles about ‘his’ experience in the tent. Angered at the thought of Sheng just leaving ‘him’ there for so long, Peng Peng rushes off to give Sheng a piece of ‘his’ mind.

Peng Peng is shocked to find Sheng getting a massage from two beautiful women and at once takes offence that he is here enjoying himself, while ‘he’ was stuck in a tent. Sheng taps one of the girls hands 3 times, which sends the message that they are not needed any longer. Sheng then explains to Peng Peng that the women are good masseurs, but they are both blind, deaf and unable to speak.

Meanwhile, Zhao is once again drunk during the day. This time he is out searching for his wife. After coming out of Sheng’s chambers Peng Peng spots him and sends Lu Li to beat him up! After a while, Peng Peng intervenes, asking why he is searching for Ying Yue.

Zhao explains that everyone told him she is dead (what?!), but he thinks she has gone to Sheng. He then wonders why he is inferior to Sheng and reveals that he orchestrated the attack on them to kill his competition (so Sheng is finally off the hook for that now? please be so). Peng Peng understands him, knowing that Zhao’s endurance had waned after so many years.

Lu Li then calls Peng Peng over to her and asks if they should keep hitting Zhao. After being reminded of their initial plan, Peng Peng tells Lu Li to continue, to punish Zhao for ‘his’ sufferings.

did he hear eveything they saidTime has pressed forward and Peng Peng has something new to worry about. Sheng is Emperor now, without the help of ‘his’ family clan, which means becoming Empress is still uncertain.

Lu Li doesn’t share ‘his’ worries, saying it won’t be long before it will be official that Peng Peng is the Empress and that Sheng still needs the Zhang clan’s help with many matters. Talk then turns to the Emperor, and how they both find it strange that they haven’t seen Sheng in several days.

Thus, like magic, Sheng appears and, without a word, drags Peng Peng from ‘his’ room.

They pass a servant who bows to them, however, Sheng is angered that she didn’t address Peng Peng as Empress. Peng Peng, rightly, pities the woman as this hasn’t been made official yet. Sheng tells Peng Peng that if he doesn’t make ‘him’ Empress, who else would he (just say you like ‘him’ already!).

The topic of conversation then changes to Ying Yue, who Sheng brought into the palace because of her poor health and the fact that Zhao is not looking after her. Sheng wants Peng Peng to accept Ying Yue and let her live, which Peng Peng agrees to (however, believes that even though Sheng has made ‘him’ Empress, he is making room for Ying Yue).

When the pair go into the room (where Ying Yue is obviously fake coughing), Peng Peng is unable to leave ‘his’ perverted side at the door and starts fussing over her, using this opportunity to feel her arms and legs. This show of affection prompts Sheng to order Peng Peng to wait outside.

Now alone, Ying Yue confesses that Peng Peng is very different from before and she’s not used to it. Sheng looks happy about this change and Ying Yue catches on quick, reminding him that they had made a lifetime promise to each other. Sheng then tells her that he simply brought her to the palace for her own safety, nothing more. He also reveals that his feelings towards Ying Yue and Peng Peng are changing. Ying Yue begins to cough and gets the opposite of her desired effect, Sheng leaves.

pahaha i love that he just goes with itOutside, Sheng finds Peng Peng asleep in a crouch position. He nudges ‘him’ awake with his foot and isn’t pleased to see that ‘he’ has cramp in both legs, thus calling her a rough mountain peasant because of ‘his’ lack of elegance and dignity.

Having obviously only eavesdropped on the first half of the conversation, Peng Peng thought they were being lovey dovey which prevented ‘him’ from coming in again. Sheng then tells ‘him’ that they should go, dragging ‘him’ along (Ha!).

The day of being officially crowned Empress has come and Peng Peng is happily woken up surrounded by beautiful women. Lu Li then does ‘his’ hair, remarking that her taste is low and doesn’t have enough sex appeal.

Talking of sex appeal (that split in his robe is high!) Jiu Wang comes into Peng Peng’s chambers to check everything is going smoothly. After admitting that it seems like Sheng hasn’t punished him, the fact that he now does jobs that aren’t meaningful, Peng Peng reveals that Sheng has brought Ying Yue into the palace and is worried that ‘his’ position of Empress is not a stable one.

They then go to talk privately. Peng Peng explains to him about the golden triangle, that Jiu Wang is one side, the other is the Yang clan (which he has on his side), and the final side is the Zhang clan.

Peng Peng tells him to think carefully, whether he wants ‘his’ side or not, because with it, the Golden Triangle will be hard to destroy.

Additional Comments:

Peng Peng is one of those characters who is boisterous and doesn’t really think hard about what is going on around ‘him’ and thus makes stupid decisions. Peng Peng is basically both the female lead and male lead all rolled into one. However, ‘he’ is pretty hilarious, so I’ll let ‘him’ off for now and hope that ‘he’ truly learns from the mistakes that ‘he’ is currently making.

The major one, of course, is teaming up with Jiu Wang. What I don’t understand is the fact that Peng Peng knows that the assassination attempt on ‘his’ life was not Sheng’s doing (Zhao literally told you he orchestrated it), but ‘he’ still seems to think that Sheng wants ‘him’ and Jiu Wang dead. Now, I understand that that isn’t helped by Peng Peng hearing of Ying Yue’s and Sheng’s lifetime promise. But, if only Peng Peng would actually look at Sheng and notice that recently he looks at ‘him’ differently, or that whenever ‘he’ talks about Sheng and Ying Yue being in love Sheng looks slightly offended and always changes topic!

And Peng Peng is the one always bringing up dramas, surely ‘he’s’ aware of the emotionally inept male lead that slowly falls for the female lead?!?!

Also, there isn’t really a bad guy as of yet, so is it going to be Jiu Wang?…

Thank you for reading~


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