*We Broke Up* Episode 10 Recap (FINALE)

Spring Again

This is not one of the best dramas I have seen, but it’s been a rather consistent webdrama, which, in my short webdrama experience, has not been the norm.

Overall it had some great moments and I got a cute little second lead to add to my list ^^

The two men have stopped fighting. HyunWoo express his dislike for WonYoung and says that the world is not fair (he looks so tired and upset). WonYoung demands to know where WooRi is.

This again leads the pair to squabble, as WonYoung makes an underhanded comment insinuating that he is very lacking because WooRi left him. HyunWoo then explains what happened after he told WooRi he would wait for her.

WooRi quickly changes the topic and HyunWoo suggests he take her home. However, when he offers her a piggyback, WooRi ends up crying as she thought immediately to a happier time with WonYoung.

i just want to hug him so badlyHyunWoo then tells WonYoung that WooRi quit her job because of her unsatisfied feelings of not knowing where she wants to go with her life. WonYoung is confused as to why HyunWoo is telling his all this. The latter explains that it’s because they are both idiots. WonYoung then goes to leave and HyunWoo tells him to call him ‘hyung’ from now on, of course WonYoung refuses and storms out (he is smiling through his pain… at least I didn’t have to see him cry, I don’t think my heart could take that!).

“My three year crush comes to a full stop like this.”

We then watch as WonYoung walks past break up pathway, and it looks like he understands what happened that day more now. He then goes to Mars Music and bows through the glass to NiNa who is in a meeting. It’s the end of their journey (musically? and otherwise?).

Meanwhile, WooRi is walking and eventually comes to sit in a forest, where she looks at all the notifications she has of WonYoung messaging her. However, she ignores them. WooRi is set on discovering herself.

A week has passed and The Band I Don’t Know is back in the small nightclub/bar (thing). JiMin walks in and WonYoung is super happy to see her, however, she puts him in his place telling him WooRi isn’t with her (but the two club members are! In uniform… Ha!). WonYoung, JiMin and HyunDong chat, leading to the latter to get slapped and shouted at by JiMin, for calling her the forever singleton!

WonYoung starts the gig, knowing that WooRi would have turned up by now and happily introduces the band.

WonYoung hopes that the audience gets to  know themselves and the band a little better by the end of the gig. The first song of this night is 0+1.

NiNa, who is sat at the bar, thinks about her time with WonYoung and how he explained to her that the reason he plays music is to prove to his friends and those who support him that it’s worth it. NiNa explains in voiceover that she wanted to tell WonYoung that she lived fiercely and that it made her lonely. With a brief glance in his direction, she leaves.

It’s daytime and WooRi is woken at a bus stop by a couple arguing. The man, Jung DaeHoon and the woman, Park JiYeon. The woman is deaf and communicates in sign language, clearly frustrated with the situation. In the end, DaeHoon apologises and comforts JiYeon.

WooRi is then surprised to find a young girl sat next to her. She asks why they are fighting, saying that if they are in love then they shouldn’t fight. WooRi explains that love isn’t easy and to make it easy isn’t always the best thing either. The little girl decides she won’t have that kind of love and WooRi happily agrees.

However, WooRi says to herself that even though love can be difficult, it’s still a good thing. The little girl smiles and says goodbye. At this point WooRi notices the girls label on her bag: No WooRi.

WooRi is woken by the DaeHoon and JiYeon, who inform her that the bus is coming. She is confused by how JiYeon can talk and the little girl has gone, not understanding that a slight aspect of reality bled into her dream.

On the bus WooRi sees what we assume is her younger self (which I see as a sign that she is heading in the right direction). Along with these scenes, we watch as WonYoung finds a picture in her old room and cries.
WooRi arrives at her destination, one of the places she went with WonYoung and starts to back togethertake a picture, however, the latter calls to her, asking if she is alone. WooRi tells him she doesn’t like older men. He tells her his song may change her mind and he starts to sing (how the hell did he get here so quick? Hasn’t she spent a week getting here? Are the buses really that bad?). 

The pair then speak in voice-over:

“Like lover always do, we fight and break up.”

We repeast the mistake of hating and longing but,

The moments that we shared together,

Are forever ours.”

i want a drama about these two!After the credits we see a little more of The Band I Don’t Know’s gig and HyunDong catches JiMin’s eye when he rips he shirts open (to show a strange triangle of chest hair… and cover himself with water that he spits out from his mouth… what about this guy doesn’t scream ‘catch’ to you? I also did not screenshot this for my own and your sanity… hahaha ^^”)

“Spring has arrived me too.”

Additional Comments:

So, it was an inevitability that they would get back together in the end. And I’m not mad about it.

To be honest, I kind of gave up caring and just wanted it to end and for my precious little HyunWoo to not get too hurt in the process.

Sometimes the problems with webdramas is that they either don’t have enough content or they try to fit too much in. And I will admit that some parts kind of bored me and it would have been more interesting to get more character development…

But I guess, at the end of the day, this drama was to show how couples argue about stupid stuff sometimes and even though you will probably make the same mistakes again, being in love is what is important and the memories you get for those times.

And I think this is probably a drama that is more interesting or enjoyable for people who have been through this kind of thing (which I have not…).

Thank you for reading~



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