Prince’s Prince (Episode 5) Recap~

Halfway through and I still am not quite sure where this is going… But saying that I am enjoying this strange little production.

I understand the main motivations for our two mains, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense! haha Hopefully, the rest of the drama will make it more clear. It also looks like more of a storyline which should help this.

On a side note: Im YunHo’s face is really distracting, he’s so pretty~ ♥

‘Considering Rising Feelings.’

Picture1“Xiang Niang!” MongRyong comes out of his office, announcing that this will be a new character in ‘Secret Garden’ and means ‘thought’s surfacing in your heart’. He tells everyone that he came up with it thinking about ShiHyun as Xiang Niang is his cosplay character!

HyangDan explains to an outraged ShiHyun, that his character will help the novel represent the fantasies of the female fans. She explains that it will especially represent high school girls, and allow them to get more money. Thinking of his sister, ShiHyun becomes outrages, calling the thoughts of his otaku colleagues dirty and disgusting.

KangRim stands up to ShiHyun, not pleased with what he is saying to HyangDan (someone totally has a crush). MongRyong tries to stop the argument (shouting ‘peace’ and ‘dove’… how is that supposed to help?!).

Picture2 Picture3

ShiHyun walks out of the office, after he makes a poop analogy (one that I don’t understand!). MongRyong watches him intently as he leaves.

Out in the corridor ShiHyun immediately calls Secretary Kang, telling him the infiltration strategy is over. Secretary Kang tells him he will just go in tomorrow because he’ll be embarrassed. He even says that he thinks about writing a letter of resignation several times a day (hahaha I love dramaland secretaries ♥). ShiHyun tells Secretary Kang that he will never accept a letter of resignation but he might fire him. This gets Secretary Kang immediately to work trying to get research on Castlesoft.

Picture4HyangDan walks out of the office and calls out to ShiHyun, telling him she has something to tell him before he goes.

While sitting down in a cafe, she explains that the company means a lot to each of them. That at first they hide their interests from others because they fear people won’t understand. As time goes on at the company, they realise that their are others like them and because of that they have been able to pour everything into their work.

ShiHyun doesn’t seem to understand, so HyangDan tells him that she worked out, from their earlier argument, that he has a younger sister. She tells him to understand that Picture5just as he cherishes his sister, she and others have things they cherish as well. HyangDan wishes that she could see him at work the next day.

When he is at home, thinking over the conversation ShiHyun gets out a photo album from a desk draw and slowly goes through it. He comes to a certain picture and takes it out to look at it more closely.

The next day ShiHyun is sat on the bench outside the office building. MongRyong comes up to him, teasing that the reason he is back is so that MongRyong doesn’t get taken by someone. ShiHyun grumbles that he needs to work to get his pay.

Suddenly remembering something, MongRyong reminds ShiHyun that he hasn’t granted the Black Knight’s wish yet (oh so if you are someone Black Night, they have to do something for you in return). ShiHyun is outraged and vows not to do anything, but MongRyong leans over him, and stresses each syllable of ‘cosplay’.

Picture6 Picture7

A figure comes into view, emitting a shocked ‘oppa’. ShiHyun scrambles to his feet, just as shocked to see Yuna. He realises MongRyong is standing very close to him and shoves him away. MongRyong, who is familiar with Yuna, asks how the pair know each other. Yuna tells her ShiHyun is her older brother. MongRyong then answers how he knows ShiHyun:

“Park ShiHyun and I are in a relationship where we like each other.”

(ShiHyun’s multiple blinks and the sound effects were so cute~)

We then venture into the past as Yuna explains that she thought he couldn’t date because of his bad personality (well that’s still pretty true haha, because this isn’t real… right?)

Picture8 Picture9

We see a high-school ShiHyun telling a girl to go away after she confesses to him. Yuna hurries over to him, asking him to treat girl better or he’ll end up alone when he’s old. ShiHyun tells her that Yuna should live with him and be his slave. Little Yuna disagrees, but ends up giving him her hand when he asks for it. They happily walk away down the path park.

Back in the present Yuna wonders if he didn’t date for a different reason (so does Yuna like ShiHyun? or?…. Is that the reason she found it so hard when he went away to study abroad?)

Thank you for reading~


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