Prince’s Prince (Episode 4) Recap~

This episode was basically more snooping around and several cases of innuendo.

I have no idea what is happening, well to be more accurate, I don’t know what is the truth!

This drama is so not what I imagined when I read the description haha~ I really do hope that they don’t make a joke out of the gay storyline, maybe the same thing could happen with The Lover *fingers crossed*~

‘Prince’s Black Night.’

ShiHyun says that he has yet to find any incriminating evidence even though there has been many problems at Castlesoft. Secretary Kang thinks that it will be in a file that is somewhere private, like MongRyong’s home.

Cue plan to try to get him drunk and therefore into his house.

Picture1 Picture2

ShiHyun pretends to already be drunk and exclaims ‘Black Night’, by which he means someone else has to drink his alcohol for him. Of course he chooses MongRyong, who can’t handle his alcohol well. However, ShiHyun’s aegyo gets him drinking.

Several hours later, MongRyong looks to be rather drunk and is bringing up his sadness (again, by the sounds of things) that ShiHyun doesn’t like them (ShiHyun mumbled that he thought this could be a counter-attack and at this point who knows haha~).

Picture3MongRyong asks him why he doesn’t like them and ShiHyun tells them he doesn’t like their names, that they are otaku’s and frankly he doesn’t need a reason (this is how you win people over pfft). MongRyong tells the group that he knows why ShiHyun dislike them and bring up ShiHyun’s confession to him. A very happy looking MongRyong tells them that even though he is an otaku, ShiHyun find him charming, and therefore doesn’t want to lose him to the others, which causes him to be sad. While wondering what he should do, MongRyong faceplants the table.

ShiHyun shakes MongRyong, accusing him of faking his drunkenness just to bother him. The rest of the group all groan ‘you sure talk’.

Outside the bar, MongRyong saunters into the road yelling ‘taxi’. Thankfully, ShiHyun pulls him out of harms way when a motorbike comes towards MongRyong. In saving Picture4him, the pair find themselves in a somewhat inappropriate position, shocking the rest of the employees.

Embarrassed, ShiHyun puts MongRyong’s arm around his neck and walks away shouting ‘taxi’. HyangDan even jokingly worries that ShiHyun will break in half as his frame is smaller than her bosses (wow…).

While MongRyong is rolling around on his bed, hoping someone will get him water, ShiHyun is snooping on the computer downstairs. ShiHyun is determined for a folder to copy as we see MongRyong make his way downstairs.

Picture5He turns the light on in the room and ShiHyun is lying on the sofa (I don’t know if I should be relieved or not haha ^^”). MongRyong crouches down and begins to stroke ShiHyun’s hair, which causes him to fall asleep (okay that is pretty cute), but once that happens MongRyong grips his hair tightly as he glances at the lit up laptop screen. He angrily asks ‘who are you?’.

Picture6 Picture7

The next morning ShiHyun wakes up in bed with MongRyong’s arm over him (wait, they couldn’t have… could they? MongRyong carried him up right because of his tactic?….).

In the office, HyangDan is angry at the pair being late and snaps at basically everyone in the room. She begins to listen to an episode they have made when the pair walk in. Having stood up abruptly, the headphone cord came out to fill the room with that same sensual music!! The staff members cheeks all go red, MongRyong looks happy/sheepish, while ShiHyun looks annoyed/sheepish.

Thank you for reading~


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